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EThekwini residents await water relief amid reservoir progress. Image: iStock

EThekwini residents await water relief amid reservoir progress

EThekwini Municipality, in collaboration with Umngeni-uThukela Water, has made progress in addressing water shortage crisis.

cape town water

EThekwini residents await water relief amid reservoir progress. Image: iStock

In a promising update, the EThekwini Municipality, in close coordination with Umngeni-uThukela Water’s engineering teams, has made significant progress toward resolving the water shortage crisis in multiple areas of Durban.

This collaborative effort is now set to bear fruit, with Reservoir 3 expected to be filled with sufficient water for residents to receive much-needed water supply starting from Sunday, 15 October 2023.

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The decision to temporarily close inlets to the city’s reservoirs, allowing them to accumulate water and bolster storage capacity, has yielded encouraging results. Notably, Reservoir 3, which was severely impacted, has made a substantial recovery and is now approaching its maximum capacity.

This recovery ensures that there is an adequate volume and pressure to replenish the water distribution system.

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“The water scarcity issue experienced in several neighborhoods was primarily due to the protracted recovery period, arising from low water flows from the Durban Heights Treatments Works following its scheduled maintenance shutdown on 11 October.

Why was the eThekwini water shutdown essential?

“The shutdown was essential to conclude repair work on Aquaduct-2, which was damaged during the flood disasters in April 2022,” read the statement.

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Following this maintenance work, the water reserves at Umgeni-uThukela Water were depleted, with Reservoir 3, the key supplier for the North region, being the most affected, leading to lower water levels in the city’s reservoirs.

The Municipality wishes to reassure all residents and stakeholders that the ongoing infrastructure maintenance upgrades are a step towards ensuring a more secure water supply in the future.

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As a temporary measure to address the ongoing water shortage, water tankers will be deployed to the affected areas listed, ensuring that residents water needs are met.

The areas affected include:

  • Durban North
  • Mount Edgecombe
  • Cornubia
  • Avoca
  • UMhlanga
  • Phoenix
  • Inanda
  • Ntuzuma
  • KwaMashu
  • Amatikwe
  • Umzinyathi
  • Amaoti
  • Emachobeni
  • Greenwood Park
  • La Lucia
  • Verulam
  • Newlands East and West
  • Effingham
  • Malvern
  • Queensburgh
  • Moseley
  • Northdene

The Municipality deeply regrets any inconvenience experienced by residents during this process but assures that water relief is on the horizon as Reservoir 3 nears its full capacity.