Vandalism: Eskom tower collaps

Eskom tower collapse

Vandalism: Eskom tower collapse, North West residents warned

There has been an Eskom tower collapse in Marikana, thanks to vandalism and theft. Local residents have been asked to stay clear of the area.

Vandalism: Eskom tower collaps

Eskom tower collapse

What an awful year it’s been for our power supplier. Vandalism and theft have led to an Eskom tower collapse in Marikana, the national energy provider confirmed on Tuesday.


According to the power utility, the incident happened at the Bighorn Pluto Tower in Marikana after vandalism and theft of tower equipment.

“Eskom Holdings SOC hereby notifies all customers about the tower that fell at Marikana due vandalism and theft,” the statement said.

The energy provider has pleaded with locals to vacate the affected area.

“Please treat the line structure as live as a safety measure. We request communities to allow Eskom employees the space to work on the line and to ensure repair of the equipment,” the brief added.

Additionally, locals in the affected Eskom tower collapse area, as well as across the land, have been asked to do their bit to save power.

“Our power system is under severe pressure. Please switch off all unnecessary lights, your geyser, pool pump, and non-essential appliances,” it said.


Meanwhile in Gauteng, Eskom has apologised for a rather needless power disruption. It has been confirmed that some of its Bedfordview customers will have to do without electricity for up to five days, due to damages caused by cable theft.

“Due to the extent of the damages caused by the attempted cable theft and vandalism of the electricity infrastructure it is estimated that supply could be restored within four to five days,” said Eskom Gauteng spokesperson Amanda Qithi.

“The incident has been reported to the South African Police Service for investigation.

Members of the public are encouraged to report those conducting illegal electricity-related activities to the law enforcement agencies, CoE and Eskom.”

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