load shedding

Load shedding will be suspended on Monday 18 January. File photo.

Load shedding downgraded to Stage 3, will persist into weekend

Stage 3 load shedding will begin from 8:00 until 22:00 on Friday 4 September, with the blackouts expected to continue over the weekend.

load shedding

Load shedding will be suspended on Monday 18 January. File photo.

Another day, another update from embattled power supplier Eskom. Do we look forward to these announcements? Not at all. But today they have announced some respite and said that the country will only have to endure Stage 3 load shedding on Friday 4 September, having suffered Stage 4 on Thursday

We’ll have load shedding over the weekend though.

They said that their successes over the course of the day have been varied, having restored some key generation units to power but lost others, insisting that their infrastructure remains aged and unreliable. 

Eskom implement Stage 3 load shedding on Friday 4 September  

In a statement released on Thursday, Eskom said that the weather had also played a big part in allowing them to mitigate the problems they were facing, problems that led to the escalation of load shedding from Stage 2 to Stage 4 on Thursday. 

“Due to the reduced demand and the much improved weather, Eskom will reduce load shedding to Stage 3 starting at 8:00 until 22:00 tomorrow,” they said, adding that load shedding will likely persist into the weekend. 

“In order to replenish the emergency generation reserves, load shedding will then continue into the weekend. The system remains unreliable and vulnerable and Eskom will continue to communicate the stage of load shedding should there be any further developments.” 

“Eskom teams have successfully returned a generation unit each at Tutuka, Matla, Majuba and the Camden power stations. However, to other units suffered breakdowns during the period.”

Eskom working to restore failing infrastructure to operation  

They said that unplanned breakdowns amount to 11 185 MW of capacity, adding to the 5 040 MW currently out on planned maintenance. 

“Eskom teams are working around the clock to return as many of these generation units to service as quickly as possible,” they said. 

As is usually the case, Eskom need the help of South Africans to ensure that they can go about the task of readying their infrastructure to provide power to the nation. 

“We urge the people of South Africa to help reduce electricity usage in order to assist Eskom to reduce the instance of load shedding,” they said.