load shedding eskom first

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Stage 2 load shedding to continue on Thursday 20 August

Eskom is the gift that just keeps on giving. The power utility announced that Stage 2 load shedding would continue on Thursday.

load shedding eskom first

Image via: Adobe Stock

Bad news folks. Eskom, on Wednesday 19 August, announced that it would have to implement Stage 2 load shedding on Thursday 20 August as well, due to a constrained system but we know the drill, don’t we? 

On Tuesday, the power utility warned of power cuts persisting throughout the week but still, we can’t help but take it personally. It seems that just as citizens are settling into eased lockdown restrictions, the rolling blackouts have returned and Mzansi just doesn’t seem to catch a break. 


While Eskom teams on Tuesday and Wednesday successfully returned three-generation units to service, a further three units tripped, two of which have returned. 

“Due to the severe constraints in the power generation system, Eskom will continue to implement Stage 2 load shedding starting at 9:00 until 22:00 tomorrow [Thursday 20 August].”

According to Eskom, three generators were returned to service at the Duvha, Tutuka and Hendrina power stations. A single generation unit at Tutuka has not yet returned to service.

Guess it’s time to exhale and calmly check our load shedding schedules.  


Unplanned breakdowns stand at 12 000MW of capacity, adding to the 4 350MW currently out on planned maintenance. Any further deterioration in the generation performance may, therefore, necessitate the escalation of load shedding at short notice. 

“As the aged generation infrastructure is unreliable and volatile, this constrained power system is expected to persist for the rest of the week, particularly as the cold front hits,” it said. 

“We urge the people of South Africa to help reduce electricity usage in order to assist Eskom to reduce the instance of load shedding and keep the lights on,” it added. 

To say that Stage 2 load shedding from Eskom is an inconvenience is a major understatement. While the country has moved to lockdown Level 2 and economic activity has resumed, it doesn’t mean it’s okay to be without power for a certain amount of hours each day.

Eskom, on the other hand, continues to put the power cuts down to a pressured system and even gale-force winds. At one point, jellyfish were held responsible for load shedding.