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Eskom employee who went ‘missing’ for two weeks found dead in her office

Suspicion is rife as police scramble for answers.

Eskom coal

Thembisile Lucia Yende was found dead on Monday, after going missing on May 17th. The rather improbable discovery comes after police dogs sniffed around the Johannesburg site she worked on, but found nothing at the time.

Her body was discovered in her office, which had been locked since the 17th, and her despite her car remaining in the parking lot since she was reported missing, no-one registered that she had never left the building.

Eskom national spokesperson Khulu Phasiwe attempted to explain the circumstances and clarify why Yende wasn’t found despite all the signs that indicated her whereabouts:

“On the day she was reported missing, police came and searched the offices. They even had police dogs there but could not pick up any smell. It is a remote site with small offices, outside Springs. It is not like your normal offices, you don’t have people coming in and out there every day.”

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When reviewing the CCTC footage, police were able to identify Yende entering her office, but never saw her leave.

Though the site is described as ‘remote’, Eskom is one of South Africa’s biggest companies and employ a large number of cleaning and maintenance staff. It seems unfathomable that Yende could have remained lifeless in a locked office without someone even attempting to gain entry.

Twitter was incredulous with the news, and users vented their frustrations and raised some serious questions about how someone could ‘slip through the net’ so easily:

Her car was at was at work for the whole f*kn 2weeks but still no body thought of checking her in her office? Hay maan!! #ThembisileYende

— Miss Tisani (@EzamaCirha) May 30, 2017

It is worth clarifying there is no suspicion of ‘foul play’ as of yet. Police are continuing to investigate the case and establish the chain of events that led to Yende’s death.