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Proudly SA service allows you to earn money by running errands for others

Errandworld is an online service that operates throughout the country.


Twitter / @ErrandworldSA

Errandworld, regarded as the ‘Uber for errands’, is an online service that recently launched in South Africa. Users can earn cash by completing tasks posted by others.

This is the proudly South African business’ solution to the country’s soaring unemployment problem.

Errandworld provides the platform for those who need cash to earn something that will keep them going. Errands range anywhere from standing in a queue at the Department of Home Affairs to picking up a few items at Pick n’ Pay.

Those who do freelancing will find Errandworld’s process very familiar. In order to score an errand, users have to bid the amount of cash the would like to run it.

Still confused? Okay, so this is how it works.

How does Errandworld work?

Like many online services, users would need to create an account with Errandworld, filling in your information and setting up the password to your account.

Once your details have been accepted, users will have to select their preferred method of verifying their identity.

Errandworld is pretty pedantic about ensuring security and safety for its users – for good reason, of course.

Once this process is complete, you will have full access to the service, either as an errander (those who post errands) or as a runner (well, somebody’s gotta do it).

The errander will post errands to be completed within a specific timeframe. Runners are then able to bid on an errand listing.

The former will have the full discretion of selecting the bid amount suitable. The other factor that influences the winning bid is, of course, the runner’s profile.

What are the costs of using Errandworld?

That’s the thing, there are no hidden costs involved in using the online service. Erranders are allowed to post errands for free, without any attached obligation to hire any bidder.

The only operating cost would be the bid amount accepted by the errander. This amount would be processed and only transferred into the runner’s Errandworld (EW) wallet once the task has been completed.

Using Errandworld as a runner enters the user into a commission agreement with the online service.

Let’s say the user completes a task and the said bid amount reflects in their EW wallet. In order to use the money, the user would have to transfer it to their bank account, which is a quick process.

Errandworld would then be entitled to 15% of the entire amount and transfer 85% of the bid amount into your bank account.

Those interested in using this service can do so by searching for their app on the respective app store.