Hydrant project in Cape Town.

Hydrant project in Cape Town. Image: City of Cape Town

EPWP hydrant project: A lifeline for Cape Town communities

The Hydrant Project, initiated by Cape Town, signifies a crucial advancement in job opportunities and bolstering urban safety measures.

Hydrant project in Cape Town.

Hydrant project in Cape Town. Image: City of Cape Town

The introduction of the Hydrant Project by the City of Cape Town marks a significant step towards both employment creation and urban safety enhancement.

Spearheaded by the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP), this initiative harnesses the workforce to meticulously inspect fire hydrants scattered across the city, ensuring they remain unobstructed and functional.

Maintaining vital fire hydrants along 10 000km road network

The importance of maintaining these vital emergency water sources cannot be overstated. Given the dispersion of approximately 57 803 fire hydrants along a sprawling 10 000km road network.

This innovative project not only addresses the imperative need for job opportunities but also mitigates potential risks to life and property posed by compromised hydrants. Vandalism and unauthorised construction often plague these crucial infrastructure components, rendering them ineffective during fire emergencies.

By enlisting the help of 26 job seekers recruited from the city’s Jobseekers’ Database, alongside five EPWP drivers/supervisors, the Hydrant Project tackles these challenges head-on.

Undergoing rigorous on-the-job training supervised by experienced handyman, hydrant workers meticulously inspect and report any damages or obstructions encountered. Meanwhile, EPWP drivers/supervisors, equipped with matric qualifications and valid driving licences, oversee the logistical aspects of the project.

Additionally, all participants undergo fire safety awareness training, highlighting the project’s commitment to holistic urban safety.

Twigg lauds the hydrant project

Grant Twigg, Mayoral Committee Member for Urban Waste Management, lauds the initiative, emphasising its multifaceted benefits.

“Considering the possible dire consequences if fire services teams reach the scene of a fire to find the hydrant has been vandalised or built over, this project is a great example of the major value EPWP workers and projects can bring to the city,” Twigg stated.

Additionally, Twigg commended the project’s cost-effectiveness. He highlighted its pivotal role in extending a lifeline to job seekers.