City of Joburg

The City of Joburg introduces an e-Procurement system. Photo:

End to CORRUPTION? City of Joburg launches e-Procurement system

The City of Joburg says this ground-breaking system stands as a beacon of hope, eradicating fraud, corruption, and biasness.

City of Joburg

The City of Joburg introduces an e-Procurement system. Photo:

The City of Joburg has bragged about introducing an e-Procurement system which aims to foster a new era of transparency and efficiency in its tender processes.


This groundbreaking system stands as a beacon of hope, eradicating fraud, corruption, and bias, and heralding a fair and just environment for all stakeholders involved, according to the City of Joburg.

“Through cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment to accountability, the City has successfully transformed its procurement landscape. Gone are the days of manual submissions and room for error, which have now been replaced by a secure and tamper-proof platform that ensures every transaction is executed timeously with the utmost integrity. For every transaction, there will be a clear audit trail which would foster accountability at all levels.”

City of Joburg

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According to the City of Joburg, the e-Procurement system’s implementation will also foster a culture of openness, empowering vendors and suppliers to compete on a level playing field, irrespective of their size or background. Gone are the biases that may have hindered progress, replaced by a merit-based approach that rewards competence and innovation.

“This achievement is not only a testament to the City’s vision but also a source of inspiration for other spheres of government, municipalities and organizations seeking to break free from the shackles of corruption and embrace a future of fairness and accountability. The City of Joburg’s e-Procurement system has become a powerful catalyst for positive change, setting a precedent for others to follow, and stands as a beacon of hope for a future built on integrity and trust.

“As we celebrate this monumental achievement, we recognize that it is a collective victory, driven by the dedication of visionary leaders, diligent public servants, and the community’s unwavering support. Together, we have laid the foundation for a brighter, more prosperous city, where public funds are safeguarded, and opportunities are truly equitable for all.
The procured goods and services must be linked to the IDP Sub-programmes, to ensure that the intended service delivery imperatives are achieved,” the City of Joburg explained.


The system is integrated with the city’s SAP ERP platform, Municipal Standard Chart of Accounts (mSCOA) and Joburg strategic infrastructure platform (JSIP) systems already in use. Also, it is integrated with National Treasury’s Central Supplier Database (CSD), Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), Company and Intellectual Properties Commission, E-Joburg and National Department of Home Affairs. This integration will ensure full compliance at all stages of procurement.

The e-Procurement system will be rolled out in phases having started with the E-Vendor Portal and Demand Management Plan.

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