elon musk azealia banks

(JD Lasica / Flickr)

Elon Musk and Azealia Banks feud escalates after her “apartheid” insult

Elon Musk has got a new, unflattering nickname and it’s all thanks to Azealia Banks. The rapper has revealed things are getting ugly between them.

elon musk azealia banks

(JD Lasica / Flickr)

In what is turning out to be one of the strangest celebrity beefs in recent memory, Elon Musk and Azealia Banks show no signs of going easy on each other. Their fall-out – which began after the billionaire tech-titan jokingly tweeted about putting Tesla on the stock market – has taken an ugly turn.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission charged Tesla CEO Elon Musk with securities fraud in September, alleging he misled investors last month in tweets about taking the company private. His statements saw the price of the company rise dramatically, only for them to deflate once the truth came out.

Elon Musk and Azealia Banks – what’s it all about?

Banks has released a version of events which accuses Musk of spying on her, and employing a team to hack her computer and phone. His legal team strenuously deny this, claiming that the rapper “has a history of providing false information”. However, things got even more bizarre over the weekend.

When putting Musk on blast, Banks referred to the Pretoria-born businessman as “Apartheid Clyde” on her Instagram page, and the whole world has been giggling ever since:

“Too bad Apartheid Clyde thinks it’s the 1970s in Johannesburg. He has absolutely no clue who he’s fucking with: I’m the wrong bitch.”

Azealia Banks on Elon Musk

Why Azealia Banks is linked to the Elon Musk fraud case

The New York-born musician is tied to the Tesla stock market fiasco by pure coincidence. She was working on some music with Musk’s on-again, off-again girlfriend Grimes. While at their home, Banks revealed that her future adversary was high – which is when he decided to joke about selling Tesla’s shares for $420 a go (the number is a significant one for smokers).

On Saturday, Banks said that she’s now getting subpoenaed by investigating officers. They apparently need to talk to everyone who was with Musk on that incident-packed day, and of course, one of the baddest women on the planet just happens to be embroiled in this controversy.