Election Day: What to bring and what to expect

Here is everything you should know. Images: IEC

Election Day: What to bring and what to expect

Here is everything what you should bring when voting on Election Day on Wednesday, as well as what to expect.

Election Day: What to bring and what to expect

Here is everything you should know. Images: IEC

Tomorrow will be the seventh time that South Africans of all races, from all walks of life, from all corners of our country, will go to vote for national and provincial government.

Here is everything you should know about voting. 

Checklist of Items to Bring When Voting

Identification Document

    • Green bar-coded ID book
    • Smart ID card
    • Valid Temporary Identity Certificate (TIC)

    Voter Information Card

      • If you have received a voter information card, bring it along. It’s not mandatory but can help speed up the process.

      Comfortable Clothing

        • Dress comfortably, considering the weather, as you may need to wait in line.

        Water and Snacks

          • Bring water and snacks, especially if you expect long waiting times.

          Mobile Phone

            • This is for entertainment while waiting and in case you need to call for assistance.

            Reading Glasses

              • If you need them to read the ballot clearly.

              Description of the Voting Process at Polling Stations

              Arrival and Check-in

                • When you arrive at your designated polling station, you’ll be directed to the check-in area. Here, you’ll present your ID to an election official who will verify your registration.

                Receive Ballots

                  • After verification, you will receive your ballot papers. The 2024 elections include three ballots: one for the national compensatory seats, one for the regional National Assembly seats, and one for provincial legislature seats.

                  Mark Your Ballots

                    • Proceed to a private voting booth to mark your choices. Follow the instructions on the ballot carefully to ensure your vote is counted correctly. Use the provided pen or pencil to mark your selections.

                    Submit Your Ballots

                      • Once you’ve marked your ballots, place them in the designated ballot boxes. Ensure you place each ballot in the correct box as indicated by the election officials.

                      Exit the Polling Station

                        • After submitting your ballots, you can leave the polling station. Make sure to sanitize your hands upon exiting.

                        Tips for a Smooth Voting Experience

                        Arrive Early

                          • Polls typically open at 7 AM and close at 9 PM. Arriving early can help you avoid long lines and potential delays.

                          Check Your Polling Station

                            • Confirm your polling station location ahead of time. You can check this online through the IEC website or via SMS.

                            Know the Candidates and Parties

                              • Research the candidates and parties beforehand so you are prepared to make informed decisions. This will save time and reduce stress when you are in the voting booth.

                              Stay Informed About Health Protocols

                                • Be aware of the latest health guidelines related to COVID-19. Follow the required protocols, including wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing.

                                Bring a Friend or Family Member

                                  • If you need assistance or simply want company, bring a friend or family member. They can help with navigating the process or keeping you entertained while waiting.

                                  Be Patient and Respectful