TLU farms farming EFF 22

Photo: EFF Mpumalanga / Twitter

TLU concerned after EFF members ’cause unrest’ during farm visits

Tensions have been rising across South Africa recently, after EFF representatives caused ‘unrest’ during a series of impromptu farm visits.

TLU farms farming EFF 22

Photo: EFF Mpumalanga / Twitter

The Transvaalse Landbou-Unie (TLU) – otherwise known as the Transvaal Agricultural Union – have issued a statement to the farming community this week, telling rural landowners to ‘take necessary precautions’ against planned EFF disruptions

What are the EFF labour desks?.

The Red Berets have been hosting ‘labour desks’ in strategic parts of the country, encouraging citizens to register complaints about any unfair treatment they receive in their jobs. Farmworkers have been particularly vocal, and the EFF has coordinated visits to certain properties to hand over their lists of demands.

TLU concerned by EFF farm visits

This has left the TLU feeling rather spooked. They have hit out at the movement, claiming that the EFF are willfully ‘misleading’ farmworkers by making ’empty promises’. The group continues to question the motivations of the party:

“We have taken note of the EFF’s so-called labour desks as well as people impersonating labour inspectors to obtain access to farms and farmworkers. TLU SA encourages all rural landowners and inhabitants to join a local safety structure. We can beat rural crime if we all take part.”

“The EFF misleads workers to such an extent; they don’t even take real labour issues to the CCMA or appropriate departments. The workers only listen to the EFF. But the EFF cannot do much more than making promises about what will happen after the upcoming election.”

TLU SA statement

Red Berets, farm owners continue to clash

Drickus Botha, the regional manager of TLU’s northern region, has advised farmers to ‘remain alert’ against anyone creating unrest on private property. Botha has branded the labour desk operation as a ‘sham’:

“TLU SA warns all farmers in the country to be alert and to take the necessary precautions against people who want to enter their farms to create unrest. The EFF makes a lot of threats, followed by protests where they hand over demands to farm owners. The demands are usually unreasonable, baseless, and with no laws to support it.”

“Farmers are then threatened to comply with the demands or to face a second visit from the party members. TLU SA is aware of instances in Groblersdal, Tolwe, and Naboomspruit where people were attacked, and workers were fired.”

Drickus Botha