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President Cyril Ramaphosa.
Image: GCIS/ Flickr

EFF: There has not been meaningful land reform under ANC government

The EFF has accused the ANC government of failing to implement meaningful land reform policy in South Africa.

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President Cyril Ramaphosa.
Image: GCIS/ Flickr

EFF National Chairperson and MP Veronica Mente has slammed the ANC government for failing to implement meaningful land reform in South Africa.

In her contribution to an EFF newsletter, Mente has labelled the land reform issue as one of the ‘most serious casualties’ of the ANC’s ‘flirtation’ with neoliberal politics.

“The resolution of the land question has been one of the most serious casualties of the ruling party’s flirtation with neoliberal politics since 1994. It has also sadly become their favourite political football, which they rhetorically use often enough to lull into silence those advocating for speedy redistribution of land back to those who were dispossessed.

EFF on ANC land reform
The EFF MP is adamant that the ANC has failed to implement land reform in SA. Image: GCIS/ Flickr

EFF MP condemns ANC for failure

The EFF MP condemned the ANC for its ‘disregard’ for the millions of Africans who battle with inequality due to displacement during the apartheid regime.

Government’s track record of the past 28 years however demonstrates a spectacular level of disregard for the millions of dispossessed Africans, an incessant fiddling with various policy options which at the core are aimed at not disturbing the nature and structure of land ownership in this country.”

Ramaphosa lied when he said land reform would be fast-tracked: Mente

The EFF chairperson even went as far as to accuse President Cyril Ramaphosa of lying to the nation during his recent SONA.

“In his recent State of the Nation Address, Mr. Ramaphosa made references to an ambiguous commitment to fast-track land reform once more. This is a lie, and a lie consistent with successive ANC lies on land reform since 1994.”

Mente pointed to the budget allocation for land reform as one of the biggest red flags when it comes to how seriously the ANC takes the issue.

“Constitutional limitations notwithstanding, the government has simply failed to take land reform seriously. At no stage since 1994, has the budget for land reform exceeded 2% of the national budget, there is no comprehensive plan for land acquisition and no appetite for supporting those who have been given the land.”