SAHPRA bodyguards SAHPRA

‘They can’t run away if we attack them’ – EFF taunt SAHPRA bodyguards

The EFF has slammed SAHPRA’s CEO for protecting herself with ‘fat, white bodyguards’ – while meeting with party leader Julius Malema.

SAHPRA bodyguards SAHPRA

Julius Malema’s latest crusade is, to say the least, a little problematic. The EFF leader claims he wants to ‘save lives’ by leading a march on SAHPRA’s head office – while convening crowds of thousands in the middle of a deadly third wave. Now, the 40-year-old is lashing out at health officials who agreed to meet with him.

EFF march on SAHPRA

Dr. Boitumelo Semete-Makokotlela is the CEO of SAHPRA, who act as the official authorisers of vaccines in this country. Treatments only get the go-ahead if they say so, and the EFF has tried to pressure the group into fast-tracking jabs from both Russia and China. The Red Berets say they will flout lockdown laws ‘until their demands are met’.

‘We can attack these fat white bodygoards’ – EFF

Sure enough, Makokotlela met the tide of hard-left followers, and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Julius Malema. SAHPRA remains adamant that they won’t be bullied into rushing any unapproved vaccines through due to political pressure – but Juju and his crew aren’t above making this matter personal.

A Tweet from the EFF’s official Twitter account chastised SAHPRA’s senior official for bringing ‘white bodyguards’ to sign the documents on stage. The party taunted the security presence with regards to their weight, before suggesting that the crowds ‘could easily attack them‘ if needs be. The decision to berate the guards stands as another glaring contradiction.

SAHPRA stand firm in face of political pressure

After spending the best part of a week drumming up anti-SAHPRA sentiment, the EFF’s shock at seeing Dr. Boitumelo turn up on stage with protection seems disingenuous – even as they continued to make overt threats.

“The CEO of SAHPRA (Dr. Boitumelo Semete-Makokotlela) hired bodyguards to accompany her to receive our memorandum. What a shame that black people, to meet other black people, need white bodyguards and some fat bodyguards who can’t even run if we started attacking them.”