EFF's BMW Germany

Screenshot via Twitter

EFF storms Nissan plant in Rosslyn demanding permanent jobs for South Africans [video]

We’d like to believe that this does not happen often in South Africa,,, But it does, too often.

EFF's BMW Germany

Screenshot via Twitter

Video footage showing a large crowd of Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF) members storming the gates of the Nissan plant in Rosslyn, Pretoria went viral when it was uploaded by @crimeairnetwork on Friday, 16 November on Twitter.

The incident took place the day before, on Thursday, 15 November. The security officials that guard the gates of the plant were not only outnumbered but they were visibly overwhelmed by the large crowd of people dressed in EFF regalia.

Nissan confirms EFF members handed over a memorandum

We spoke to a senior member of the Nissan plant in Rosslyn who opted to remain anonymous. Our source told us that they were aware that members of the EFF would be arriving on the said date.

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However, according to the source, nobody was expecting to witness the gates of the plant to be rocked open so violently.

The staff member revealed that the party was there to hand over a memorandum. It is alleged that the EFF was there to demand that Nissan provide permanent contracts to their South African workers.

We asked our source whether or not there was any truth to the allegations that foreign staff members were forced to go into hiding when the EFF members stormed the plant, in fear of being attacked.

Although our source could not indicate whether these staff members were foreigners or not, they did confirm that some members opted to remain inside the locked plant and not face the crowds that had gathered outside, as they did not know what to expect.

Our source also confirmed that there were no reported injuries or major damage made to the property by the Red Berets.

However, if you watch the footage, you will see that, as soon as the EFF members pushed through the gates, some of them were caught attacking the security guards, hitting them with unknown objects.

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Watch: EFF members force their way into Nissan plant in Rosslyn