Julius Malema sassa 10 KIDS

Photo: EFF / Twitter

‘I’m no flip-flopper’: EFF leader Julius Malema denies political inconsistency

Malema accused Ramaphosa of being guilty of swiftly changing his tune when he was accused of ‘flip-flopping’ on his political positions.

Julius Malema sassa 10 KIDS

Photo: EFF / Twitter

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader insists that he is no “flip-flopper”, responding to the suggestion that he is prone to political inconsistency by saying that his track record speaks for itself. 

Speaking to Kaya FM on Tuesday 20 July, Malema clapped back at a caller who said that the Red Berets’ leader has a reputation for changing direction on numerous political issues, including his backtracking on the assertion that Jacob Zuma should serve his 15-month jail sentence from prison rather than under house arrest at his Nkandla home. 

Malema accuses Ramaphosa of ‘flip-flopping’ 

Malema was defiant when asked whether the claim that he flip-flops between opposing sides of political issues is fair, and said that he is by no means as inconsistent as President Cyril Ramaphosa. 

“Cyril Ramaphosa said that the [violent riots and looting] in KZN and Gauteng was an ethnic problem, and in the following days he said that it wasn’t,” Malema charged. 

“If you look back to my COSAS days until now, I’ve been very consistent. I stand for left politics, free education, and for our people – I said all of this even when we buried our former President of COSAS when I was very young.”

“I spoke about the same things I’m speaking about now.”

‘We don’t change our principles’  

Malema said that people only suggest that he is inconsistent when it comes to taking a stand on political issues because they seek to detract from the EFF’s ability to reliably represent their supporters. 

“Those titles [like flip-flopper] are given to me by those who disagree with us [and seek to] delegitimise the EFF so that as and when we make an input people don’t listen to us because an impression has been created that we will change our stance the following day,” he said. 

“We don’t change our principle, from when we were young to now. I don’t think there’s any inconsistency. I’ve held Zuma accountable, for instance,” he said.