EFF Kraaifontein

Image via: @BOSBEER2006 / Twitter

Watch: EFF head for Kraaifontein Police Station during community march

The EFF in the Cape Metro Region are conducting a community march to various areas in Kraaifontein on Friday morning. Here’s why.

EFF Kraaifontein

Image via: @BOSBEER2006 / Twitter

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in the Cape Metro Region are, on Friday 27 November, holding a community march in Kraaifontein. The red berets plan to visit three facilities in the area for a range of different reasons. 


According to the EFF, participants will march to the Municipal offices in Kraaifontein, the Kraaifontein Police Station and the day hospital. 

While the march already kicked off at 7:00 on Friday morning, the red berets say they are visiting municipal offices regarding poor service delivery and evictions, the police station for crime, gender-based violence and protection fees and the day hospital for HIV/AIDS patient discrimination and poor healthcare. 

The EFF Cape Metro tweeted saying that the City of Cape Town wanted to shut down all EFF activities by blocking the people’s march. 

“Kraaifontein Community are soldiering ahead. No amount of SA police service brutality and the DA will stop the power of the masses,” it said. 

“The City of Cape Town tried and failed to stop the Kraaifontein people’s march. We won in court to have the EFF march approved. Today we will expose them for who they are. No one can defeat the power of the masses,” it added. 


Another video was also posted by broadcast journalist Athi Mtongana, showing a large group of members heading for the police station. Three police vehicles could be seen driving past the group. 

There have also been reports of tyre burning, stone throwing and blocked roads.



The last time the EFF marched in Brackenfell disaster struck as clashes ensued between protesters and police. SAPS, trying to maintain order, fired water cannons, blue liquid and stun grenades. 

Due to the clashes, EFF leader Julius Malema made few remarks about the police force which has not been received well, to say the least. 

“If SA police want a fight, they must declare it. We will treat them the same way we treated them in the 80s. We will not only fight them at the picket lines. We will go to their homes and fight them in their own houses with their own families” he said. 

On Thursday 26 November 2020 TLU SA, an agricultural and farming organisation, hit back saying that it laid a criminal charge of terrorism against the commander-in-chief for his “police threats”.

“It is completely unacceptable that a person can blatantly and publicly launch an attack against the SAPS and its members,” said President of TLU SA Henry Geldenhuys