Julius Malema reshuffle

Photo: EFF / Twitter

EFF leader Julius Malema begs Ramaphosa for cabinet reshuffle

Malema got up to some Twitter mischief on Tuesday, pleading with the President to reshuffle his cabinet following Gordhan’s testimony.

Julius Malema reshuffle

Photo: EFF / Twitter

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has called for a cabinet reshuffle after calling for the head of current Minister of Public Enterprises, Pravin Gordhan.

Gordhan is a long-time adversary of the EFF, and his performance at the State Capture Inquiry this week – in which he refused to admit to meeting the Gupta brothers (or at least, questioning of the meaning of “meeting”) – inspired the Red Berets to demand his immediate removal

Malema pleads for reshuffle  

Malema made the calls on Tuesday evening, tweeting “We need the cabinet reshuffle sir. President Cyril Ramaphosa , I’m asking nicely. Please.” 

His calls have left a number of users on the social media platform bemused, with many pointing out that Malema has no right to call for such action. 

“You need to win elections first, be elected as President, appoint your own cabinet, reshuffle those you dislike as you please,” one user said. “It is inane to beg the State President, not voted into power by you, to reshuffle his cabinet at your lousy wishes; did you help him appoint it?”

Others said that Malema’s calls were valid, and said that Gordhan should be shuffled away from his current position along with a number of other “failing” ministers. 

“Correction: a cabinet overhaul,” said another user. “Can’t have same ppl moved into different portfolios when they’re failing dismally in their current portfolio. That cabinet needs to be reduced drastically and we need competent ppl leading us. We are tired!”

‘Rogue Unit’ admission sparks Malema fury

On Monday, the EFF reacted to Gordhan’s testimony at the Zondo Commission by saying that his admission that a so-called “rogue unit” was indeed established warranted his immediate removal.

“This admission comes after a long-drawn out campaign by Gordhan, members of the media, and the allies of Gordhan – namely Johan van Loggerenberg and current Commissioner Edward Kieswetter – to dismiss credible reports that indeed a mafia run unit existed within the revenue services entity, outside the realms of the law and auspices of any intelligence agency and regulations,” the party said.

“The EFF calls for the immediate removal of Pravin Jamnandas Gordhan from cabinet on charges of espionage for his role in turning SARS into a spy unit.”

EFF to report Gordhan to ethics committee  

The party also stated it’s intention to report Gordhan to the Parliamentary Ethics Committee for lying to the National Assembly about meeting with the Gupta family.

“He remains a bacteria to the democratic fabric of this country and is currently leading the greatest capture of our state institutions to facilitate their sale to his friends and cronies,” they said.