Photo: Athi Mtongana / Twitter screenshot

EFF accused of “fascism” after sparking another dust-up in Parliament [video]

Another day in Parliament, another scrap involving the EFF. MPs were left fuming after a huge confrontation escalated quickly on Tuesday afternoon.


Photo: Athi Mtongana / Twitter screenshot

EFF members – Julius Malema included – caused a huge dust-up in Parliament earlier, as the Red Berets clashed with DA MPs in the National Assembly. A debate on the in-sourcing of private workers turned nasty when Juju focused his attention towards Ghaleb Cachalia.

The DA representative was on the receiving end of a personal rant from Malema, who squared up to his political opponent with a series of gestures and a face-to-face confrontation. A shouting match ensued, and it dragged more members into the chaotic exchange.

What caused the EFF vs DA dust-up?

EFF Secretary General Godrich Gardee was the next to come piling in. He approached Cachalia and jabbed his finger towards the sitting MP repeatedly. Then, as he returns to his seat, a crowd of representatives were entangled in a small-scale brawl. Marshall Dlamini, an EFF member, grabbed hold of another DA MP’s arm as things continued to escalate.

Finally, the tension was eased as the sparring polticians were separated. The entire incident left DA Chief Whip John Steenhuisen incandescent, and he lamented the “gross violation” of Parliamentary procedure:

“Honourable House chair can you gain control of the House please… Honourable members, the behaviour is unacceptable, please. What has just happened here is a gross violation of the rules of Parliament. It is not acceptable for members to be threatened the way they have been threatened.”

John Steenhuisen

DA respond to heated exchange

Cachalia branded the EFF “fascist” for their strong-armed approach:

Julius Malema addresses the house

Ironically, this was one of Julius Malema’s less-animated speeches. He presented his point about insourcing in a cordial manner, and the trouble only flared up once his address had finished. He slammed the ANC for wasting money on tender processes, and for ‘failing to trust’ black officials.

“Today government appoints private companies to provide simple services such as security, gardening, travel, cleaning, general maintenance and other services. Government also appoints consultants to develop strategies, write basic documents, reports and plans.”

“As South Africa we have succumbed to the narrative that blacks do not have the capacity to govern their own affairs, that there must be control by a private sector which is dominated by white owned companies.”

Julius Malema

Watch the EFF spark another fight in Parliament here: