EFF to field candidate for Johannesburg Mayor / Photo by: Mark Wessels / various sources / AFP

Malema: EFF to field candidate for Mayoral position of Johannesburg

Julius Malema announced on 21 November 2019, that the EFF will be fielding a candidate for the position of Johannesburg Mayor.


EFF to field candidate for Johannesburg Mayor / Photo by: Mark Wessels / various sources / AFP

Julius Malema announced at an Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) press conference on Thursday 21 November 2019, that the party will field a candidate for the Mayoral position of Johannesburg, once the current Mayor, Herman Mashaba vacates his position on 27 November 2019. 

Johannesburg candidate to be announced in due course

The tweet thread read: “#EFFPresser Malema: We reaffirm our position that the EFF will field a candidate for the Mayoral position of Johannesburg when the current Mayor vacates his position on the 27th of November 2019.

We are going to field our candidate in Johannesburg and the leadership will announce the name in due course, We are not saying we will not talk but we will talk on condition that they support the EFF Candidate.

We are now going to govern. You support us in Jhb/Tshwane and we will support you in Jhb/Tshwane. We are not going to enter into any coalitions, there will be no interference. We will remain opposition.

To expect us to be a reliable voting partners of a white DA? Before it was easier when there was Maimane but now we must talk to Helen and Steenhuisen? I cannot imagine that, it’s going to be difficult.

I will always be in politics, I will die in politics. If you are removed from a position, you are not expelled, you are removed. Even if I am removed in December, I will remain a member of parliament.”

EFF contested election for next mayor of Johannesburg  

In an article by TheSouthAfrican.com, on 28 October, the EFF suggested they would contest the election for the next mayor of Johannesburg. Funzela Ngobeni was proved to be the front-runner in the competition and has since been elected as the candidate by the Democratic Alliance (DA). 

Addressing the media at their second elective conference in Nasrec, Malema revealed that he wants EFF members to be considered for posts in government, with the mayorship of Johannesburg being no different.

“They never talk about the EFF. I don’t understand why. We are ready to govern and I think we must look at this properly. If we can’t start identifying talent amongst our own ranks… The debate must not be reduced to simply DA or ANC. I want to propose that the EFF must contest Johannesburg,” Malema said. 

Should the EFF decide to field their own candidate in Johannesburg, which they now have, they could turn the city red by winning. The party are in a coalition government with the DA, and although Malema and co have shared their glowing praise for Herman Mashaba, they are much less likely to welcome another DA leader to the position.

Steenhuisen on Malema’s fielding 

According to Power987News, the DA will be engaging with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) to propose a new Johannesburg mayoral candidate after the departure of Mashaba.

Newly elected DA interim leader, John Steenhuisen says the party has put together a negotiation team to engage the EFF about their proposed candidate. 

“We will be speaking with the EFF. We’ve got a negotiating team that will be going to deal with them. It is a similar team who put the original deal together. We are committed to ensuring that we don’t throw Joburg back to the wolves,” added Steenhuisen.