EFF Fritz Joubert farm expropriate

Photo: EFFJoziGroundForces / Twitter

Watch: EFF “expropriate” farm belonging to Fritz Joubert

Dozens of EFF members arrived at the home of killer farmer Fritz Joubert on Monday evening, in an attempt to “expropriate” his land.

EFF Fritz Joubert farm expropriate

Photo: EFFJoziGroundForces / Twitter

Dozens of EFF followers took matters into their own hands on Monday evening, as scores of protesters arrived at the farm belonging to Fritz Joubert. The 45-year-old committed a gruesome murder over the weekend, and he filmed himself killing Anele Hoyana – the footage has sparked anger across South Africa.

EFF arrive to “expropriate” Fritz Joubert’s farm

Joubert was killed at the property by police forces. However, this isn’t the end of the situation for the Red Berets – not by a long chalk. They have vowed to occupy the farm for the foreseeable future, threating to break into the home and drive out any potential family members. The party issued a statement through their Buffalo City branch on Monday:

“On Monday afternoon, regional leadership headed by Thembinkosi Apleni decided to visit the home of the disgusting racist. We wanted to ensure his body and his soul would never find peace. The EFF will tackle any xenphobia and racism, even in death.”

“We will stand outside the house and wait for the police to finish the job and enter it. If it is locked we will break in. If family members are still left, we will drive them out. We are taking over than house”

EFF statement

Why the Red Berets have occupied Fritz Joubert’s farm

The EFF have essentially tried to “expropriate” the farm, calling it redress for the racism displayed by Fritz Joubert in his grim videos. The gun-toting killer can be heard calling himself “the chosen one” and telling Hoyana’s family – including a two-year-old and a two-month-old – to “go back to where you came from”.

Joubert had become obsessed with learning about traditional healing. Anele, initially his friend, taught him about the basic sangoma practices. But something went dreadfully wrong. In the week before the incident, the East London-based farm owner had displayed some bizarre behaviour.

It all culminated in the murder of Anele Hoyana, and the subsequent kidnapping of his wife and kids. The ordeal was brought to an end when Fritz Joubert tried to disarm a police officer, and he was shot dead. Some EFF members remain on site, and more are expected to descend upon the farm on Tuesday.

Watch the EFF take-over the vacant farmland here: