Brackenfell High School EFF

Image via: @alanwinde

EFF cancel meeting with Debbie Schäfer ahead of Brackenfell protest

EFF representatives said they were ‘too busy’ preparing for the protest at Brackenfell High School to attend the meeting.

Brackenfell High School EFF

Image via: @alanwinde

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have cancelled their meeting with Western Cape Education Minister Debbie Schäfer. The meeting was meant to take place on Thursday 19 November ahead of the protest at Brackenfell High School on Friday, however, according to Schäfer, the party said they were “too busy” with preparations. 

Schäfer set up a meeting so that the EFF could address their concerns regarding the school but to no avail. 

“Their representatives have said that they are too busy preparing for their protest on Friday to spare even one hour to discuss solutions to what is allegedly the reason for the protest,” said schäfer. 


Schäfer said it’s clear that the EFF is not interested in discussing and resolving their concerns regarding Brackenfell High School.

“Their only intent is to intimidate and disrupt schooling, adding more anxiety to our learners who have had an extremely difficult year,” she said in a statement. 

Schäfer said EFF leaders have been making repeated threats of violence on both social media and on radio. She went on to say that the police are aware and are investigating them, according to a meeting she had with General Matakata on Wednesday.

“However, I urge residents of Brackenfell not to come to the school on Friday, except for parents taking their children to school and fetching them. The EFF desperately wants a confrontation outside the school. Do not give in to their tactics. SAPS and other law enforcement authorities are making extensive preparations,” she said. 

“Please, let us not give the EFF the attention and confrontation they are so desperately seeking,” she added. 


The party took to Twitter on Thursday morning saying that it would protest against racism.

“We will protest because our laws are undermined and law-officials are bullied by white racists, who have decided that no Black authority can threaten their grip on sections of our society,” it said. 

EFF spokesperson in the Western Cape Wandile Kasible told The South African that the party is going to Brackenfell High School to protest against racism. He also said the party plans to hold a peaceful protest. 

When asked why the meeting with Schäfer was cancelled, he said the party is preparing for Friday. 

The EFF has been granted permission by the City of Cape Town for 100 members to protest again outside Brackenfell High School from midday on Friday.

“We will hit the ground running on Friday,” added Kasibe.