Edward Zuma and his wife

Edward Zuma and his wife

Edward Zuma blames white people for all of South Africa’s troubles

Fresh from his racist open letters, Teddy Z is readily stoking up the tensions again

Edward Zuma and his wife

Edward Zuma and his wife

Edward Zuma has continued on his series of open letters – the last of which landed him in some seriously hot water – and he hasn’t exactly cranked down the rhetoric.

Though this time he stopped short of calling anyone an ‘Afrikaner askari’, his latest instalment has followed a very similar path, placing the blame for South Africa’s woes squarely on white people.

The president’s son has again let rage rule his head, and has only served to fuel the racial tensions that he claims to be so strongly opposed to.

In his letter, he claims that white people still want to see the conditions of apartheid inflicted upon the black majority:

“This conquering of our land and economy is clear for all sane people to see‚ that we‚ the majority‚ live with the materially intended consequences that white colonialists and apartheid architects wanted to see achieved.

That in the main… is a result of the suppression of Black economic and land dispossession of our people.”

Edward Zuma’s Hate Speech

Following in his father’s footsteps, Edward was more than happy to push the ‘white monopoly capital’ narrative – a redundant term that was effectively coined by the Guptas and perpetuated by Bell Pottinger.

His letter continued to vehemently slate white South Africans, and he demanded ‘radical economic transformation’ to – in his words – level the playing for field for everyone else:

“We have to press on with rapid pace and acceleration for the radical economic transformation of the socio-economic life of our people to build an inclusive nation.”

“The offspring of white monopoly capital and their descendants: the oppressors of our people are hard at work as infiltrators‚ who will continue to speak and work against progressive calls to return our stolen land.”

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Jacob Zuma’s son

The KZN ANC had forced a reluctant Ed Zuma to retract his comments, and issue what was to be a contrived apology.

His previous comments even managed to catch the attention of the SA Human Rights Commission, who saw his letter as ‘hate speech’ and suggested Zuma Jnr could face prison time if he continued to ramp up racial tension.

You’d suspect this latest outburst would fall under this description, and Edward’s future is very much in the hands of the SAHRC.