Fritz Joubert farmer eskom

Photo: Twitter screenshot

Disturbing: “Racist” murders sangoma in bizarre attack [video]

Fritz Joubert told the family of Anele Hoyana to “go back where they came from”, during a horrific murder and kidnapping ordeal that he chose to film.

Fritz Joubert farmer eskom

Photo: Twitter screenshot

Graphic warning: The content of this article – and subsequent multimedia features – contain disturbing material relating to the murder of Anele Hoyana at the hands of Fritz Joubert. Reader discretion is keenly advised. The video of this incident will feature at the bottom of the page.

A bizarre murder-kidnapping scenario has taken place in the Eastern Cape over the weekend, after a trainee sangoma attacked a friend who was also a resident at the homestead. Fritz Joubert ended up in a furious argument with Anele Hoyana, who was brutally beaten and killed during the bust-up in East London.

East London “sangoma murder” – who is Anele Hoyana?

A heart-breaking message was posted on social media by Anele’s cousin, Themba Rumbu. He blamed the attack on the racial prejudice of Fritz Joubert. In one of the videos, he can be heard telling the Hoyana family to “go back where they came from”, during an incoherent rant. It has been affirmed by several media sources that the killer was also obsessed with guns, and used the butt of his rifle to fatally injure his victim.

The saga took a thoroughly outrageous turn when Joubert – who had befriended Anele while learning about traditional healing practices – filmed the aftermath of their shocking confrontation. He boasts about his sick killing, and cruelly lauds it over the wife of Anele, who is made to walk past her husband’s lifeless body.

Bizarre murder orchestrated by Fritz Joubert

Throughout the bizarre videos – filmed and uploaded to social media by Fritz Joubert himself – he can be heard screaming statements such as “I am the chosen one” and “today is the perfect day to die”. Police are still investigating the circumstances around the death, which may have been attributed to a “ceremony” the landowner was planning.

After police were called to the property, officials said that Joubert locked Hoyana’s two-week-old baby and two-year-old child in a bathroom in the large house. Hoyana’s wife also hid in the house, but she was terrorised by the manic behaviour of her captor.

Cops eventually stormed into the house, freeing the rest of the family. Their confrontation with Fritz Joubert turned violent, and he allegedly tried to disarm a SAPS officer. It was at that point law enforcement were left with no choice but to open fire on the 45-year-old, killing him with a gun-shot to the upper body.

[GRAPHIC WARNING]: Watch the Fritz Joubert reign of terror here: