Durban comes out as Africa’s b

Durban comes out as Africa’s best in a new survey

Sorry, Capetonians, but Durban has bagged some bragging rights.

Durban comes out as Africa’s b

According to Mercer’s 18th annual Quality of Living survey, Durban is the best place to live in Africa. Mercer’s authoritative survey is one of the world’s most comprehensive and is conducted annually to enable multinational companies and other employers to compensate employees fairly when placing them on international assignments.

According to the survey which uses uses dozens of criteria, such as political stability and prevalence of crime, along with the quality of healthcare, education, recreation and transport, Durban is the place to the on the African continent coming in at number 85, ahead of Cape Town (92) and Johannesburg (95).

Vienna topped the list for quality of living for the eight year running and Europe had the most countries in the top then with Zurich (2), Munich (4), Dusseldorf (6), Frankfurt (7), Geneva (8), and Copenhagen (9) all ranking highly.

London ranked in 39th places for overall quality of living in the UK and 72nd in personal safety.