Japanese ninja museum is ‘out-

Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

Japanese ninja museum is ‘out-ninjad’ by clever thieves

The legendary ninja warriors valued speed, guile, stealth and planning. So did the thieves who robbed them this week.

Japanese ninja museum is ‘out-

Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

Well that’s a little embarrassing. Japan’s legendary ninjas are known for speed, stealth, cunning, athletic ability and a whole lot more besides.

Kind of a medieval Chuck Norris and James Bond rolled into one. But without the Walther PPK pistol and bad ‘Chuck’ jokes.

A little egg on their facemasks

This week, though, the folk who run the Ga-ryu Ninja Museum, about 400km from Tokyo, ended up with more than a little egg on their facemasks.

Because early on Monday morning the museum was robbed of its weekend takings by thieves who displayed all the speed, guile and ingenuity that have made the legendary warriors admired today and feared in their heyday.

According to the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper, the criminals made off with around one-million yen (around R160 000) in cash in little more than the blink of an eye.

Targeted closing time on Sunday

Local police believe the thieves may have targeted closing time on Sunday, knowing that the weekend crowds to the museum and the surrounding ninja attractions and live shows would have swelled the coffers.

Museum officials estimate the number of visitors at around 1 100 over the two days.

Later that night the thieves forced open the door to the museum’s office with a crowbar, removed the safe weighing around 150kg and exited the building in the space of three minutes.

An alarm was activated, but when police responded the thieves had already made good their getaway.

Security cameras tampered with

Were they dressed from head to toe in black and carrying samurai swords and throwing stars? Apparently not, but the on-site security camera was tampered and didn’t show much at all.

“The museum’s security cameras showed a car pulling up to the building on the night of the robbery, and a man climbing out of the passenger seat. He walked toward the camera and tilted it down so it only filmed the ground for the rest of the night,” CNN reported.

“It was planned; they must have scoped us out and singled us out,” an unnamed official told the news channel.

The ninjas would have been proud.