Dlamini Sassa Inquiry: Decepti

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Dlamini Sassa Inquiry: Deception, lies and masterful evasiveness

Minister of Social Development Bathabile Dlamini has been testifying as part of an inquiry into the Social Grants crisis. Her testimony hasn’t helped her case…

Dlamini Sassa Inquiry: Decepti

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Bathabile Dlamini is the minister of Social Development and also one of the most infamous politicians currently serving in government in the country. She has made headlines for her links to corrupt dealings, gross incompetence in terms of handling social grants and even being annihilated by journalists after she refused to answer questions that the public deserved to know the answer to.

She has spent this week testifying in the office of the Chief Justice as part of an inquiry into the social grants crisis of last year. The inquiry wants to find out exactly what role she had to play in the mismanagement of Sassa and dodgy contract deals with Cash Paymaster Services. (CPS)

Referring again on Monday to her decision to appoint work streams to deal with administering the grants, Dlamini said there was nothing wrong with her actions.

“It is true that I directed that the specified work stream leaders be appointed by Sassa (SA Social Security Agency) … and that the leaders of the work streams would report directly to me during the implementation process.”

Dlamini also confirmed that the CEO and everyone at Sassa knew that she had appointed work streams.

So why is this so important?

In its original judgement last year, the Constitutional Court explained that the issue of work streams could show whether Dlamini had acted responsibly or not.

“These are serious allegations. If it is correct that the minister appointed the members of the work streams and that they reported directly to her in contravention of governance protocol‚ then her failure to disclose this to the court bears strongly on whether she acted in good faith or not‚” said Justice Johan Froneman in a judgment handed down last year.

Snake in the grass?

As Dlamini faced more questions on Tuesday her determination to dodge questions and be as obstructive as possible seemed to be making her even more unpopular.

Journalists attending the briefing were even left amazed by her evasiveness, all politicians are evasive but Minister Dlamini seems to have a PhD in the art.

Just look at the snippets of two questions and Dlamini’s answers.

This last one will make you angry even if you have no idea who Bathabile Dlamini is…

The inquiry is currently adjourned for a tea break. Expect more useless answers when it returns.