Dj Pru luv

From loss to healing: DJ Pru Luv speaks on her journey through grief and body image. Image via Instagram @djpruluv

DJ Pru Luv: “I allowed myself to gain weight because I am healing”

Speaking on the challenges of being a DJ, Pru Luv reveals her hidden struggles with mental illness and body shaming.

Dj Pru luv

From loss to healing: DJ Pru Luv speaks on her journey through grief and body image. Image via Instagram @djpruluv

The entertainment industry is not all sunshine and rainbows, and popular DJ Pru Luv’s story is a vivid statement to the fact. Prudence Mathebula, affectionately known as Pru Luv, occupies the coveted position of one of Metro FM’s biggest female DJs. Today, her career flourishes, having entertained crowds across the country and continent. Yet, the road, she reveals to ZiMoja, wasn’t paved with roses. It was a path forged with losses, challenges and serious hard work.

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In her chat with ZiMoja, the famous DJ revealed a side rarely seen by the public. She opened up about her struggles with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, a secret she kept hidden for ten years due to fear of judgement.

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“If I could actually bear everything that I have been through in life, one would fall flat in disbelief.”

According to her, doors were slammed in her face and doubt ate at her from both inside and outside. But in true Pru Luv fashion, she wasn’t backing down on her dream. “I never gave up. Some people believed in me and I went out to hustle for myself,” she stated. “I was stubborn and intentional about my gift. I hustled alone. I worked hard and I used my gift and character and gifts started opening.”

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In 2021, just as her career seemed ready to skyrocket, Pru Luv suffered a devastating blow: the loss of her father. Grief, coupled with her existing mental health struggles, plunged her into a deep depression. “I gained a lot of weight,” she admitted, “I was dealing with a lot.”

On top of this, people started making fun of her body. It was a tough situation, because not everyone understands what goes on behind the scenes for someone like her. “In most cases, when you’re on the radio or seem successful, people don’t see your battles. I was being body-shamed. People would comment about my weight, but nobody really took the time to realise what I was dealing with.”

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But even with all the negativity, Pru Luv added that “I allowed myself to gain weight because I understand that I am in a healing process. I think we don’t understand the healing process that it is painful. I am confident in owning my pain and facing myself.”