Divos 2014: A spectacular musi

Divos 2014: A spectacular musical affair

London based 80s singing sensation Phil Fearon was impressed by local SA talent at the most recent Divos performance in Cape Town

Divos 2014: A spectacular musi

Divos 2014, which took place at the Grand Arena in Cape Town on Saturday 25 October, was filled with an electrifying atmosphere.

Artists performed a mixture of popular old school and new school jams. If provision was made to create a dance floor, I’m sure the Grand Arena would have turned into a old school vs new school party. There were times where audience members were able to get up and dance and then there were times that one couldn’t help but feel the need to jazz.

Event headliner Phil Fearon had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand. He performed his popular hit, “What Do I Do” along with “Dancing Tight”, “Head Over Heels” and many others. He said performing at the Grand Arena was great.

“The, audience tend to lift you. It was such a great audience,one of the best” Fearon said backstage after the show.

His thoughts on the South African artists that performed?

“The talent is awesome. I was watching before I came on. I was really loving it. They so talented and enthusiastic”he adds.

(See full interview with Fearon at the end of the article)

Meanwhile,some of South Africa’s finest performers had the audience grooving along  and provided some entertaining, eye candy.

Garth Taylor not only made the crowd go crazy when he sang his popular hit, “Why” and “Islands In The Stream”. He impressed audience members with his unexpected, ability to dance. Yes, he didn’t hold back when breaking it down.

“Wow, I am a big fan of Phil’s music. He is such a friendly and humble guy” says Taylor.

In celebration of Taylor’s birthday everyone joined in to sing Happy Birthday.

Mario Ogle proved why he got his groove back,sporting his new shaved head and swag. He performed his own hits such as “Techno Fancy” and “Can’t Stop Loving You” among others.

Alistair Izobell  provided humor along with his signature dance moves. He performed popular hits including “Jabulani” and “Me And Mrs Jones”.

The Black Ties who in fact weren’t wearing black ties, yet again proved why their harmonies  perfectly complement each other as a group.

Nur Abrahams, made reaching all those high notes seem effortless as he belted out his such as  Earth Wind And Fire’s “After The Love Has Gone”.

Thumbs up to the South African band, headed by Trevino Isaacs.

MC Brandon-Leigh dressed in a striking, red suite  reminisced on the good olds such as times where he went clubbing without his grandparents knowledge.

A slide show displayed on the big screens payed homage to some of the most popular old school DJs such as Fast Eddie, Dj Superfly and Dj Keith. It  was a pretty cool, gesture.

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