Directory of Zimbabwean charit


Directory of Zimbabwean charities in UK

Looking to support a UK-based Zimbabwean cause? Here’s a selection of ten registered charities, in alphabetical order for ease of reference.

Directory of Zimbabwean charit


teens in zimAction for Southern Africa

Action for Southern Africa (Actsa) works to eradicate poverty, support rights, justice, sustainable development and democracy across southern Africa. One of its projects is to raise awareness and funds to provide the women of Zimbabwe with safe and hygienic sanitary protection.

Charityhope trust

Charityhope Trust distributes reading books, stationery and t-shirts to underprivileged rural children in Zimbabwe. Charityhope Trust believes that every child has a right to access good quality education and that education is one of the most effective ways of empowering and enhancing the quality of life children, young people and their parents, guardians or relatives.

Friends of Kids in Zimbabwe

Friends of Kids in Zimbabwe is a UK based charity trust that aims to provide financial and other support to children in Zimbabwe suffering from any form of life threatening disorders or disability.

Hwange Conservation Society

Hwange Conservation Society was established as a UK charity in 1992 to help protect the wildlife of Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. They aim to support the national park and its environs by raising funds which are used to help protect the wildlife and support the surrounding community with such things as medical supplies, and school equipment.

They have just donated four diesel engines and a load of spare parts to help pump the underground drinking water for the animals within the park. They are run purely on a voluntary basis which means all money raised goes directly to help the park.

Jacaranda Trust

Jacaranda Trust is a small UK based charity that was set up in 2009 to provide support and promote co-operation and awareness for carefully selected charitable organisations in Zimbabwe that support vulnerable children, young people, those with special needs and the elderly.

Love Zimbabwe

Love Zimbabwe is an independent, non-government charity, working directly with the Chinamhora community near Harare in Zimbabwe. Fairtrade is an important aspect of their work as they help individuals and groups to start their own businesses, making African arts and crafts, and get a fair price for them. They are associated with Love Zimbabwe Fair Trade, a company that sells the goods in the UK.


Makomborero is a UK registered charity that helps to relieve poverty in Zimbabwe, Africa through the education of children. Makomborero achieves this by investing time in disadvantaged communities, and by supporting talented students to allow them to complete their education and attain excellent grades in their A-levels.


Vimba is a small charity established in 2007 by a group of friends who were united in their common desire to do something about the suffering occuring across Zimbabwe.

Vimba strives to create environments which foster a child’s development. This environment provides shelter, food, informal education, regular health checkups and the chance for a child to lead as close to a normal existence as possible.

Zimbabwe a National Emergency (ZANE)

ZANE is a UK registered charity working to help the most destitute, vulnerable and impoverished people in Zimbabwe. Homes In Zimbabwe merged with ZANE earlier this year and the combined charity is the largest supplier of financial aid to pensioners in Zimbabwe.

Over 2,400 pensioners rely on ZANE simply to survive with the figure growing on a daily basis.

Zimbabwe Educational Trust

Zimbabwe Educational Trust (ZET) is a Leeds based charity that works to promote children’s educational rights in Zimbabwe.

They work with local partners in Zimbabwe to raise awareness and provide vulnerable communities with the facilities, funding and support they need to get children into school and out of poverty.

ZET receives voluntary funding from various grant making trusts, commercial organisations and private individuals.

Zimbabwe Health Training Support

Zimbabwe Health Training Support (ZHTS) is a voluntary UK based diaspora organisation, set up in Aprll 2006 by a group of health professional concerned about health training in Zimbabwe.

The group supports health professional training and continuing education in Zimbabwe through leveraging the commitment and skills of UK based Zimbabwe diaspora as well as mobilising a wider support base within the UK, including facilitating the establishment of sustainable institutional links between Zimbabwe, the UK and elsewhere.