Cape Town New York flights

Image: Excited United Airlines flight crew / City of Cape Town Municipality

City of Cape Town confirms return of direct flights to New York

Cape Town’s direct flights to and from New York are back. The City had suspended the route thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

Cape Town New York flights

Image: Excited United Airlines flight crew / City of Cape Town Municipality

Direct flights between Cape Town and New York have returned. The Mother City’s municipality announced the news on Thursday.


The City said the first flight in 20 months took to the clouds from the Cape Town International Airport on Thursday, straight to the big apple.

“I am so pleased that we could be here to welcome the resumption of these flights,” said Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis.

“This is a special occasion – a day where we can welcome back United Airlines flights from New York to Cape Town. It was heartwarming to see a plane full of excited American tourists ready to explore and enjoy Cape Town, after a 20-month hiatus in flights.

“This is why it gives me great pleasure to say that today, we are “United” once more, added Hill-Lewis.

I look forward to seeing this route flourish and connect more people to each other, and help grow a stronger, resilient relationship between our two cities.”


Meanwhile, a local health expert offered news that may throw a spanner in the works.

According to the message that Dr Keith Cloete sent to the legislature’s ad-hoc committee on Covid-19, the province has shown early signs of a developing fourth wave.

“The province is seeing clear increases in the number of daily new cases, with on average more than 100 new diagnoses per day, and that the proportion positive has increased to an average of 5.1%,” the provincial head said of the threatening COVID-19 fourth wave.

“Overall there is a 111% week-on-week increase in cases in the Metro, with most sub-districts starting to see increases, particularly the northern, southern, and western one, including Klipfontein,” he said.