water debate umuziwabantu

Cape Town water consumption rose by 46 million litres per day in November

A lot of selfish water-guzzlers are letting the team down in Cape Town

water debate umuziwabantu

Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille was incandescent over the weekend, as she visited three properties that, quite frankly, are taking the piss with their water consumption.

Flanked by city officials and media personal, de Lille turned up at three properties that were clocking usage levels of 1,000 litres a day or more. That’s beyond ludicrous.

The IOL report that the Mayor’s travelling party included officers who fit water management devices at the rogue water-guzzlers’ homes, to limit their consumption.

Patricia de Lille vents frustration at liberal water consumption

“This past week, we again saw residents behaving badly. because there was some rain, consumption went up to 631 million litres per day. We should be saving more water to meet the target of 500 million litres per day . We need to move Day Zero further away.”

“The city is doing everything in its power to bring additional water online. But all Capetonians must reduce their water usage to below 87 litres per person per day.”

“We thank the water-saving heroes for all their efforts to help us beat this drought. but not everyone is doing their part.”

The news comes as Cape Town’s water usage levels saw a dramatic spike in November. The metro began the month on 585 million litres being used per day. This was climbing towards the target of 500 million l/pd set by the Western Cape government earlier this year.

However, the water consumption figure has now swelled to 631 million litres per day. It’s a massive own goal for the city, who are trying desperately to avoid a  dreaded ‘day zero’ scenario.

What is day zero for Cape Town?

It’s the term given to the theoretical day when Cape Town has to turn it’s taps off, because there is so little usable water in the system. When dam levels hit just 13% capacity, the city will be forced into the shutdown, and residents will have to get their water from collection points dotted around CPT.

Currently, the Western Cape dams are about 34% full. That leaves the city with about 20% of dam capacity to play with. It’s a margin that is way too close for comfort… and selfish water users are driving the drought-stricken region into a catastrophe.