Day Zero shopping

Day Zero Shopping Guide: Everything you need to buy before the taps turn off

Day Zero is now more than likely in both the Western and Eastern Cape. While you still have some time until the taps go off, we thought we would help you with a handy list of items you probably want to purchase.

Day Zero shopping

Whether you live in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth or anywhere else with a lack of water, the water crisis is without question a very frightening challenge to overcome. While you should be doing your absolute utmost to save every drop of water you can to avoid Day Zero, a bit of preparation is needed in case the taps do go off. Hopefully, we can help with that. This is our Day Zero Shopping Guide.

While you may have thought of a lot of the items on this list, there might just be one or two that can make all the difference the longer we don’t have water.

Day Zero Preparation

Something to clean yourself in

Day Zero shopping

With the taps going off, and the wet wash with a cloth becoming your only option, having a small-sized plastic bath/tub/skottel will allow you to wash your hair and body (if you must) with as little of your daily allocation as possible. You use the cloth to rinse and apply soap then rinse yourself in the tub by pouring the water directly onto you.

Having a tub like this in plastic or tin will also allow you to use that greywater to help flush the toilets with the water you collect.

Variants of these are available at Builders Warehouse.

An outdoor “bag” shower

Sticking with bathing devices, many people haven’t realised that when the taps go off, they cant just add water to their geyser and let that heat up (we will explain later). No pressure in the taps means geysers have to be entirely switched off or they could end up blowing if they heat up with no water in them.

Having a camping shower is easy to set up and you can even add just the amount of water you need (definitely less than the 20-litre bag size) You just leave it somewhere in the sun, it heats up naturally as well as thanks to the bag, then you shower. It really is as simple as that. Again standing in your new “tub” would also be perfect here. You can have a warm shower and collect the water. The best of both worlds on a water ration budget.

You can get a camping solar shower like this for under R200 from Outdoor Warehouse.

A Miniegieza

Day Zero shopping

This little device might be the one that really catches your eye. If you can’t get a camping shower, this brilliant machine can help you easily heat up a bucket of water in just a few minutes. While this device obviously has to be kept away from children it is also available from Builders Warehouse at just R570.

Sputnik Washing Machine

If you ever wanted a water throwback to the past, then the resurgence of the Sputnik is your answer.

Described as one of the best portable washing machines available. It is compact and easy to use. Once you’re done, it is small enough to fit in a kitchen cupboard. It will take up to 2.2Kg of washing with a 25lt volumetric capacity. It uses just 6 litres of water per wash for 2 mins. It’s available for under R700 and you can add your name to the stock alert list here.

The Simpler (and easy to forget) things

Like the residents of Cape Town are already seeing, there has been a massive increase in demand for bottled water. With people getting into tiffs and running frantically around the shops, things are only going to get worse.

The Water Games 2018: Capetonians stockpile bottled water ahead of day zero

To get ahead of the madness, make sure you have all the essentials like bottled water and wash clothes well ahead of time. The last thing you want is to be unable to even dab yourself down as the washcloth stock has run out. As absurd as it sounds, madness like this could soon be a reality.