DA’s Mashaba has Rosettenville

DA’s Mashaba has Rosettenville meeting disrupted by ANC members

You interrupt SONA it looks like you get interrupted straight back…

DA’s Mashaba has Rosettenville

A bit of controversy in Johannesburg on Thursday as Mayor Herman Mashaba had his Rosettenville meeting disrupted.  ANC members stormed in chanting, calling the mayor disrespectful for having a meeting the same day as SONA.

“Today’s meeting was a direct provocation to the national government, so when you provoke the leading party, you are provoking us, the people who voted for the president.”– ANC member Simphiwe Hlafa

Mashaba has promised that he will keep the streets of Rosettenville safe, residents have claimed that Nigerians in the area are responsible for the massive drug trade taking place.

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“We didn’t just wake up and target Nigerians, we know these brothels and when we got there they were all operated by them.”

Mashaba has received both positive and negative press for the raids his government have been conducting in the area. It’s not just the DA government planning to conduct raids though, ANC member Simphiwe Hlafa says residents will reconvene on Saturday and continue to raid properties that are known by residents as brothels and drug dens.

This sudden interest of Joburg ANC members in raids seems to correlate directly with the DA beginning their raids a few days ago. We all know the ANC wouldn’t just let the DA steal their thunder, especially when their president is about to address the nation.

Mashaba says he fully understands the residents wanting action and not more excuses from government.

I hate criminals with (a) passion, I will make their lives difficult. I know Rosettenville residents don’t want excuses from us, they want action. It is then my responsibility to make sure they are safe,” 

Since the DA has taken charge of Johannesburg, countless ANC municipal administration skeletons have come out the closet.  Be it multi million rand car deals or other forms of wasteful expenditure, Mashaba has promised that his government will spend the money on the people and nothing else. Joburg residents, have you taken in any noticeable changes since Herman Mashaba took charge?