DA wins 84% of overseas vote a

DA wins 84% of overseas vote amid controversy over uncounted ballots

The Democratic Alliance received 84.44% of the overseas vote in the 2014 South African election – but ballots from four foreign missions were not counted as they did not make it back to South Africa in time.

DA wins 84% of overseas vote a
DA volunteers in London on voting day. Photo by Katia Frank.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) received 84.44% of the overseas vote in the 2014 South African general election, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has revealed.

Of the 18,132 total valid votes cast on Wednesday 30 April at 116 foreign missions, 15,311 were cast in favour of the DA. This is more than double the number of overseas votes cast in favour of the DA in 2009.

Despite difficulties such as the need to travel great distances and a London tube strike, 68% of those South Africans who were eligible to vote abroad cast valid votes, only slightly lower than the 73% voter turnout back home.

South Africans living overseas were the first to cast their votes, a week before the rest of South Africa, to allow sufficient time for the ballots to reach the IEC results centre to be counted and verified.

Unfortunately, however, votes from four overseas missions were not counted because they did not make it back to South Africa by the deadline of 9pm on Friday 9 May.

It is believed that ballots cast in Toronto (Canada), Havana (Cuba), Lubumbashi (Democratic Republic of Congo) and Madrid (Spain) were delayed or withheld by the customs officials of those countries. There were 395 South Africans registered to vote in Havana, 267 in Toronto, 78 in Madrid and 11 in Lubumbashi, according to IEC chief communication officer Kate Bapela.

“We understand that the IEC have done their best to get the votes back to South Africa, but of course will be taking this up with the IEC and will work together to avoid this in future,” said DA Abroad global chairperson Ludre Stevens.

Stevens said the result in favour of the DA reflected support by South Africans around the world “who continue to take an interest in the country and may return, and who support the DA’s offer of clean government and job creation.”

He added, “We know that the journey to the voting station was not easy and deeply appreciate the incredible efforts made around the world. We will work hard over the next five years to improve overseas voting procedures and justify their faith in us to create an Open Opportunity Society for All.”


Party Valid Votes % Vote
DA 15,311 84.44%
ANC 1,508 8.32%
AGANG 328 1.81%
EFF 255 1.41%
VF Plus 198 1.09%
ACDP 184 1.01%
UDM 128 0.71%


Country Voting Station Approved VEC10 Votes Cast Voter Turnout
United Kingdom London 9,863 6,809 69%
UAE Dubai 1,539 1,143 74%
Netherlands The Hague 667 529 79%
Qatar Doha 557 475 85%
Australia Canberra 1,243 460 37%
UAE Abu Dhabi 541 458 85%
USA New York CG 605 438 72%
Ireland Dublin 466 345 74%
Sudan Khartoum 458 304 66%
Botswana Gaborone 357 294 82%
Namibia Windhoek 361 273 76%
Switzerland Berne 342 269 79%
Korea (South) Seoul 345 267 77%
China Hong Kong 330 261 79%
Mauritius Port Louis 302 258 85%
Singapore Singapore 297 252 85%
DRC Kinshasa 773 225 29%
Belgium Brussels 281 224 80%
USA Washington 355 215 61%
Germany Munich 291 210 72%