Patricia De Lille

Democratic Alliance Natasha Mazzone MP – DA Deputy Chairperson of Federal Council

DA elects Natasha Mazzone as Deputy Chairperson of Federal Council

DA firebrand MP Natasha Mazzone has made it to one of the DA’s top in-party positions. We have all the details about her election.

Patricia De Lille

Democratic Alliance Natasha Mazzone MP – DA Deputy Chairperson of Federal Council

On 7 April, the Democratic Alliance (DA) hosted their Federal Congress. The event took place in Tshwane and sees the party elect leaders into top structures and positions within the DA. Natasha Mazzone has made it out of the Congress as a Deputy Chair of the Federal Council.

While the majority of the voting and results were revealed over the weekend, the DA resolved to amend a rule in their constitution for the Deputy Chair position. The party resolved that instead of one Deputy Chair of Federal Council, there will now be two.

The DA took the amendment to their Federal Legal Commission to sign off before announcing the results for the position.

“In order to seek clarity, the matter was taken to the Federal Legal Commission (FLC), which resolved that the position of a second Deputy Chairperson of the Federal Council is to be filled by way of the result of the vote that took place on 8 April 2018 during Federal Congress,” said DA Federal Congress Chief Electoral Officer, Aanchen Dreyer.

Mazzone will now serve as one of James Selfe’s (who was re-elected unopposed) deputies.

Mazzone first started serving in the Party’s leadership structures over twenty years ago, when she was elected Chairperson of the then Democratic Party’s (DP’s) University of Pretoria Youth Branch in 1997. In May 2009, she was elected as a Member of Parliament.

Since 2012, Mazzone has been serving as the DA’s Shadow Minister of Public Enterprises. The role has led to her gathering praise from South Africans for her grilling of ministers during the Eskom Inquiry and in parliamentary sessions.

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