DA Congress 2018 John Steenhuisen

John Steenhuisen takes to the stage at the DA Congress 2018

DA Congress 2018: John Steenhuisen raises the roof in Tshwane

On form, as per usual.

DA Congress 2018 John Steenhuisen

John Steenhuisen takes to the stage at the DA Congress 2018

John Steenhuisen was greeted by a standing ovation just by walking onto the stage at the DA Congress 2018. By the time he finished his address, those pleasantries became outright scenes of jubilation.

Doing what he does best, the DA’s great orator commanded the stage once more, with a blistering speech that rallied against political corruption and stressed the importance of unity in South Africa.

Steenhuisen – known for his trademark barbs at the expense of the opposition – got one in nice and early against ANC leader Cyril Ramaphosa. He accused the President of being complicit with Jacob Zuma in the act of state capture:

John Steenhuisen throws shade at Cyril

“Ramaphosa was accused number two, to accused number one. They were joined at the hip like K-Ci & Jojo, Rolls and Rolls, Mills and Boon.”

Cyril previously served as the Deputy President whilst Zuma was in charge. As Msholozi’s right-hand man, Steenhuisen believes the pair were thick as thieves together.

However, the party’s Chief Whip turned his attention to matters closer to home. He roused the thousands in the crowd by promoting the values of civil rights, and the importance of forming a party based on hope and opportunity.

“Johnny” steals the show at DA Congress 2018:

“We have to demonstrate that voting for the DA will lead to a better life for our people. For them, we must build, grow and show them a party that truly represents the dreams, hopes and aspirations of every South African. We must reflect and understand their current realities and offer hope for a DA tomorrow”

“We need to become an alternative to the ANC, rather than an alternate ANC. There’s no better way to do this than by rooting our offers and grounding our arguments within our values. We must never shy away from defending and promoting individual liberties.”

His roof-raising speech came a day after the party had begun their policy resolutions ahead of the 2019 elections. Sunday is the second and final day of the DA Congress 2018, where key senior positions will be decided by over 2,000 delegates.