Grace Mugabe publicly drags Zimbabwean vice president

DA chairperson fumes at ’embarrassing and illegal’ Grace Mugabe immunity

James Selfe lambasted the Grace Mugabe decision as the DA go to ConCourt over her immunity

Grace Mugabe publicly drags Zimbabwean vice president

The decision to grant Grace Mugabe diplomatic immunity left all of us dumbfounded, no matter how cynical the current political climate has made South Africa.

Embodying that anguish is James Selfe, who is the DA’s Federal Council Chairperson. The opposition party have filed papers to the Constitutional Court this week to have the immunity overturned, and Selfe didn’t mince his words.

He let rip at the ‘unconscionable’ decision taken by International Relations Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, and compared Mugabe’s case to that of war criminal Omar Al-Bashir:

“The DA believes that the decision by the minister, in granting immunity, was hasty, embarrassing and above all, illegal and unconstitutional.”

“It is frankly unconscionable that after the scathing ruling by the Constitutional Court in the [Sudan President] Omar Al-Bashir matter, that the ANC-led government would once again let a high profile person escape justice in South Africa.”

Grace Mugabe receives some Selfe-loathing

Selfe made reference to the case of the Sudanese president, who visited South Africa in 2015 for the Africa Union summit. He did this whilst a warrant for his arrest was on his head for war crimes and genocide.

Despite the warrant – and a demand from North Gauteng High Court to take him into custody – the government ignored it and allowed Al-Bashir to return to Sudan.

The DA Chairperson sees the Mugabe case as a very similar incident, and lamented the ANC for failing to learn from their previous mistakes.

The First Lady of Zimbabwe escaped South Africa thanks to political intervention, after she battered 20-year-old model Gabrielle Engels with an extension cord on Sunday 13th August. However, there is serious doubt over the legalities.

How legitimate is Mrs Mugabe’s immunity?

Grace Mugabe only came into SA on personal business. She was not part of any diplomatic work, and was not travelling as a government representative. She committed the assault as a private citizen, but has been spared the same treatment.

Afriforum and Gerrie Nel are fighting to have her convicted as well as the DA, and they are arguing their case with the High Court in Pretoria next week.