Covid-19 regulations

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‘It’s high time’: DA calls for Covid-19 regulations to be scrapped

The DA says Covid-19 is no longer a threat and the regulations do more harm than good by restricting SA’s economic and social recovery.

Covid-19 regulations

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The Democratic Alliance (DA) has called for Covid-19 regulations to be scrapped.  

The party said these should be scrapped on the basis that they are doing more harm than good by restricting South Africa’s social and economic recovery. 


23 March 2022 will mark two years since South Africa entered a three-week lockdown to prepare for the Covid-19 epidemic.

The DA says since then hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs, thousands of livelihoods have been destroyed, millions of school and university days have been missed, and billions of rands have been lost to tax revenue, which could have gone to poverty relief.  

DA leader, John Steenhuise said it is time to treat Covid-19 the same way as other health risks, such as HIV, TB, cancer, and maternal mortality are treated.

“Like other countries, we need to licence cheap and quick rapid tests for home use so that people can judge for themselves if they pose a risk to the vulnerable. It makes no sense to limit these to medical supervision.

“Like other countries, masks should only be mandated in high-risk contexts, such as oncology wards.”

John Steenhuisen


The State of Disaster officially expires on Tuesday 15 March. In all likeliness, a family meeting will take place ahead of that date. However, Ramaphosa has hinted that lockdown could be ended BEFORE then, without going into specifics.

Minister in the Presidency Mondli Gungubele confirmed over the weekend that another address is coming from Cyril, but he shared the details in a rather cryptic manner. According to the top ANC official…

  • The next COVID-19 family meeting is set to be the LAST, with no more addresses on the pandemic planned.
  • Ramaphosa will use the address to also ‘talk about something else’ – no further details were provided.
  • Some very light restrictions will be announced as ‘permanent’, which will be regulated by the National Health Act.

Ramaphosa to address SA – when will the ‘final family meeting’ happen?