#CyrilSocks: South Africans are losing it over Ramaphosaโ€™s running gear

#CyrilSocks – You know you are making some presidential progress when you are hearing about Ramaphosa’s socks and not #GuptaLeaks or controversial books…


Newly elected ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa is in East London paying tribute to former ANC presidents and celebrating the ANC’s 106th birthday. This morning, though, he wasn’t doing any of that. He was just going for a jog in some incredibly interesting socks…

eNCA posted this video and South Africans on Twitter quickly lost their damn minds.

If the shorts and T-shirt wasn’t an already interesting enough combo (note the tucked in daddy effect), the length and colour of the socks were enough to bring out plenty of laughs and comparisons. Like our one writer said: “Ronald McDonald might need to check his sock drawer to see if he’s not missing a pair.”

The internet didn’t disagree, here are some of the best pics, memes and general tweets we could find.

It seems the design can be used for sleepwear fashion too…

The McDonald’s references didn’t stop there either.

Others were just trying to make sure they got the respect they deserved for doing it first!

A Zuma parody account even stepped up to the plate…

But some just wanted the socks next out the door, after Zuma of course.