Ramaphosa ipad

Photo: Twitter / @athigeleba

WATCH: ‘Somebody stole my iPad’: Ramaphosa’s speech delayed by ‘missing’ device

Cyril Ramaphosa’s media briefing was delayed by a ‘stolen’ iPad. Later, the Presidency said Ramaphosa was merely joking and the device was never missing.

Ramaphosa ipad

Photo: Twitter / @athigeleba

President Cyril Ramaphosa visited the Cape Town Port on Tuesday, 22 June, where he announced that the National Ports Authority would operate as an independent subsidiary of Transnet, along with other measures to be implemented in a bid to improve performance at the country’s ports.

A media briefing followed the walkabout at the port, where the President, made his big announcement. Before he began the speech, however, Ramaphosa seemed very concerned about his “missing” iPad.


Tyrone Seale, the acting spokesperson of the presidency, introduced Ramaphosa to the podium but the speech could not be made immediately.

“I’m waiting for my iPad, somebody stole my iPad,” said Ramaphosa as he stood at the podium and the crowd chuckled politely.

“Somebody decided that they want to dispossess me of my iPad, so, I want that,” continued the President. “Can I have my iPad, please. So, they stole it.”

In the two-minute clip, which has since gone viral, appears visibly confused and keeps mentioning the “stolen” iPad.

“Do you know where they took my iPad to,” asked an expectant Ramaphosa. “This is the problem of always handing out your gadgets to other people. It’s always best that I should keep all these things with me.”

Eventually Seale asked the President to sit down while people located the device. When the iPad was found, Ramaphosa was reintroduced and made the speech, with his device in hand.

The Presidency later said that Ramaphosa was merely making a joke and the iPad was never missing – this was probably in response to the clip going viral and the reaction social media users had to the incident.

Member of Parliament, and UDM leader, Bantu Holomisa even tweeted a clip of the incident, saying, “They even steal the President’s iPad. Amasela [are] all over. Where was security?”


“Thank you, South Africa. There was no question of the iPad being missing or stolen,” said the Presidency in a tweet.

President Ramaphosa was apparently making a joke while waiting for the device to be brought to him.

Social media users, however, were not so easily convinced however, with some suggesting that the president seemed genuinely concerned about the whereabouts of his device.

“This is the kind of spinning that irritates me,” said former media mogul Mzwanele ‘Jimmy’ Manyi. “Not when we have visuals of real panic.”

“You think we are clowns,” said another user.

Others saw the humour in the situation. “Whew! I was worried that they’d stolen an iPad with the nuclear codes,” commented a user.