President Cyril Ramaphosa preparing his SONA 2021 speech. [Photo: GCIS]

‘Stop whinging!’ – Top DA member flips his lid in response to Ramaphosa

A senior representative and shadow minister for the DA was pushed to the limit on Monday, after he slammed Cyril Ramaphosa for ‘repetitive whinging’.


President Cyril Ramaphosa preparing his SONA 2021 speech. [Photo: GCIS]

It seems one of the DA’s more prominent representatives has reached the end of his tether with Cyril Ramaphosa, after taking an exception to the President’s weekly letter. The 68-year-old has been accused of ‘copying and pasting’ one of his older communications from 13 months ago, prompting a furious reaction from the opposition.

DA spark a war of words with the President

Leon Schreiber is the Shadow Public Works Minister. He was far from impressed with Ramaphosa’s stance on cadre deployment and the appointment of political representatives in public positions.

The DA stalwart ripped into Cyril, for regurgitating issues he raised in January 2020 and ‘failed to do anything about’. Ramaphosa previously warned against political patronage, but seemingly, hasn’t done a great deal to stop it from resurfacing as a problem more than a year later. Schreiber, therefore, is utterly rankled.

‘Stop whinging, Cyril Ramaphosa’

According to one of Ramaphosa’s fiercest critics, the time has come for Cyril to ‘stop whinging’ about the situation, and ‘take action’ instead. Schreiber wasn’t shy when it came to giving the head of state some leadership advice on Monday.

“Why has the President done absolutely nothing about this problem since he complained about it last year? And why does the President only ever moan and whinge, instead of taking concrete action? Like millions of South Africans, the DA is getting very tired of a President that spends his days complaining about problems that he helped cause.”

“All of the problems that the President is so fond of whining about results directly from a single ANC policy: cadre deployment. Instead of constantly complaining like a powerless spectator on the side-lines, Ramaphosa would do well to be honest by admitting to South Africans that he helped cause the problem that he now whinges about.”