City of Johannesburg reminds residents about the importance of taking the jab. Photo:

Covid-19 vaccines and flu shots available at Joburg clinics

As the COLD season is at its peak, residents of Joburg are being reminded that Covid-19 vaccines are still available at municipal clinics.


City of Johannesburg reminds residents about the importance of taking the jab. Photo:

The City of Johannesburg has reminded its residents that Covid-19 vaccines are still available from all municipal clinics despite the strict protocols that had to be followed during 2021.


“Those who wish to be vaccinated can simply walk into their nearest clinic, produce an identity document and request to be vaccinated without an appointment.”

Virgil James, CoJ Communication Specialist

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“You will, however, still be monitored and counselled on the possible side effects including what to do if adversely affected by the vaccine,” he added.


James further said during winter many people are prone to influenza as well and the flu vaccine is available at the clinics for free including all other services.

“The elderly above 65 years of age, people with chronic diseases including HIV, and pregnant women in all trimesters are priority groups for the vaccine. The City’s healthcare workers are given flu vaccines to protect not only themselves but patients too. The vaccine is only available during the winter season. No person will be given the flu vaccine when having respiratory illnesses. Children under six months and those that have egg allergy are not given the vaccine,” he advised.

Typical flu symptoms are sudden onset of fever, chills, cough, headache, muscle and joint pain, sore throat and runny nose including vomiting and diarrhea sometimes.


He said it is advisable to seek medical attention when experiencing these symptoms. “Get enough bed rest, finish the medication and drink plenty of water. Flu strains are not the same each year hence the importance of getting the jab every year for six to eight months of protection. It takes about 10 to 14 days before protection from the influenza vaccine kicks in and no vaccine in the world is 100% preventative. The peak season is between April and August but the Influenza disease is prevalent all year round in the country with outbreaks during summer,” James explained.

A full list of clinics is on the city’s website under the Health Department icon.

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