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Prison offers inmates McDonald’s and pizza if they vaccinate

Take a jab for a tasty meal! New York prisons have offered McDonald’s and pizza treats to inmates – but they have to vaccinate first.


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Prison institutions in New York are on a mission to improve the numbers of vaccinated prisoners, and the incentives are McDonald’s meals and pizza.


The Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS) confirmed it has developed a tasty programme to encourage inmates to take COVID-19 jabs before the Christmas season.

“To further encourage more acceptance of the vaccine, the department will offer another incentive program for all those presently unvaccinated individuals, who get partially or fully vaccinated by Dec. 8, 2021,” DOCCS Acting Commissioner Anthony Annucci said via The Post.

Annucci added to highlight how the incentive will not be a matter of taking the vaccine and taking a free big hit on the menu.

“This incentive program will include a pared-down menu, such as pizza or McDonald’s, from a local vendor in your area, but must also include a non-pork item, which will be decided by the facility, after consulting with the incarcerated liaison committee.”

Various prison facilities will compete for a special roast beef dinner on Christmas. The challenge is to improve the number of vaccinated inmates by 10% before 8 December.

“Of course, for those facilities which are unable to increase their percentages by 10 percent or more, the Christmas meal will still be an enhanced enjoyable one, as required by the department’s holiday menu,” he added.


Meanwhile, a senior corrections officer is not exactly finding the proposal as a delicious idea. According to the annoyed State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association, President Michael Powers, the state is about to waste valuable resources.

“For an administration that prides itself in equality, it’s demoralizing to see the disparity in the treatment of inmates and staff.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, our employees have worked long overtime hours in violent and harsh working conditions and are now subjected to a confusing, complicated testing mandate on their own time,” he fumed.

“Meanwhile, the State is using valuable resources to bring taxpayer-funded Happy Meals into facilities to incentivize inmates to get vaccinated. Where’s the fairness in that? The State should treat everyone who resides inside the walls of the prison system equally and provide universal testing of staff, inmates, contractors and visitors at the facilities.”