Couple banned from FlySafair after having sexual intimacy in front of another passenger. Image:

Couple banned from FlySafair after getting intimate on Durban-bound flight

A couple has been banned from FlySafair after getting intimate on a Durban-bound flight in full view of fellow passengers.


Couple banned from FlySafair after having sexual intimacy in front of another passenger. Image:

A passenger had a forgettable flight experience when the couple he was seated next to on a FlySafair flight to Durban this week engaged in an inappropriate sexual act.

There is a time and place for everything – and this was neither the time nor the place!

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Sexual intimacy in front of passenger

According to News24, on Monday, 17 April, he passenger was seated on the aisle aboard a flight from Johannesburg to Durban when the female passenger sitting next to him reached over to touch her partner’s private parts.

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He explained that the two started to conduct these acts in front of him while the plane was on the runway waiting to take off.

The man recorded the incident to show the flight crew.

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However, even with the evidence he had, there was reportedly initially no action taken against the couple.

The passenger explained that he followed up by sending an email.

“I’m horrified how such an event could have little effect on the involved passengers. Surely, there are consequences for the actions of people in South Africa’s skies?”

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The passenger said he expected harsh consequences for the couple because public indecency is unlawful.

The man added that there was a large contingent of school children on the plane and he was mostly concerned of the consequences if a child had been in his seat.

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FlySafair spokesperson Kirby Gordon reportedly spoke to News24 and then called the passenger who had lodged the complaint and then provided a follow-up response to the reporter.

He confirmed that the couple have been banned from their airline.

Gordon added that sexual activity on flights was unusual and “passengers are generally very decent on flights”.