Another big counterfeit goods

Photo credit: SAPS

Another big counterfeit goods seizure in Johannesburg CBD

Joint law enforcement operation finds fake items valued at R24.3-million. Brand names on the goods include Nike, Adidas and Uzzi.

Another big counterfeit goods

Photo credit: SAPS

Law enforcement authorities in Johannesburg, working with the companies holding the rights to various brands, have seized counterfeit goods valued at R24.3-million.

The items found during the raid include running shoes, tracksuits, shirts, hats, shoes, sunglasses, watches and wallets.

Top global brand names faked

A statement released by SAPS says the well-known global brand names appearing on the fake items include Nike, Adidas, Puma, DH, Uzzi and Converse All Star.

Photo credit: SAPS

The search-and-seizure operation took place in the early hours of Thursday morning at Delvers and Wanderers streets in downtown Johannesburg.

Agencies involved in the joint raid were the South African Police Service, SANDF, Gauteng Traffic Police, Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department and Department of Home Affairs.

Four people have been arrested

Representatives of various brand-holders were also present, according to SAPS spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo.

Photo credit: SAPS

Masondo said police arrested a four suspects who will be charged with possession and dealing in counterfeit goods. They are expected to appear in court soon.

Two vehicles allegedly used to transport the counterfeit goods were seized at the scene.

Photo credit: SAPS

Social media users have their say

Following the announcement of the raid, many people took to social media to express their approval – or otherwise – of the action by law enforcement.

“Great job. You can’t even walk on the pavements of Jo’burg because these people have taken goods from [their] shops to the pavements. It is crazy what’s happening [in] downtown Jo’burg; lawlessness has returned in full force,” said one.

“That’s 0,1% compared to the ones in Marabastad (Pretoria) and Small Street (Johannesburg),” said another.

“Well that’s where I shop – Small Street. I won’t buy 2k running shoes while they have fakes for less,” commented a third.

“That’s the only shoes we can afford,” lamented one sad social media user.

January raid found even more goods

In January this year, another raid by law enforcement authorities in the Johannesburg CBD yielded counterfeit goods valued at around R36-million.

Sixteen suspects were arrested and charged with possession of, and dealing in, counterfeit goods in that raid. Eight also faced additional charges of being in the country illegally.

During 2019, counterfeit good valued at more than R5-billion were seized in Gauteng alone.