Mamabolo: “I've done this many times.” Image via X @BoyMamabolo

Mamabolo: “I’ve done this many times.” Image via X @BoyMamabolo

“Comrades must be loved and kissed”- Married ANC member

ANC MP Jacob Boy Mamabolo is caught up in a ‘cheating scandal’ after a video surfaced of him kissing a woman.

Mamabolo: “I've done this many times.” Image via X @BoyMamabolo

Mamabolo: “I’ve done this many times.” Image via X @BoyMamabolo

ANC MP Jacob Boy Mamabolo finds himself at the centre of a ‘cheating scandal’ following a viral video capturing him kissing a woman during the party’s January 8 celebrations in Mbombela. Mamabolo, vehemently denying any wrongdoing to TimesLIVE, asserts that the kiss was a gesture of camaraderie, stating, ‘My comrades must be loved and kissed; I’ve done that many times.’

The video, which surfaced on social media, triggered speculation and accusations, but Mamabolo remains steadfast in his denial. In the exclusive interview with TimesLIVE, he dismisses the incident as a mere farewell kiss to a comrade. Mamabolo defends, ‘There is nothing wrong with that. Even my wife is not aggrieved about the matter. My comrades are my comrades; they must be loved and kissed.’

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Labelling the video circulation as a smear campaign orchestrated by ‘members of the opposition,’ Mamabolo downplays the incident, emphasising that it was a ‘baby kiss’ without tongues involved. He attributes the controversy to political adversaries attempting to tarnish his reputation.”That person thought it would be a big thing, but it is nothing,” he said.

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Mamabolo, known for his public displays of affection for his wife Khomotso Malotane on social media, remains resolute in his commitment to his family. Despite the allegations, he confidently states, “I love my wife. I chose my family; we are happy even now.” In response to those behind the video, he asserts, ‘They thought they got me, but no, they are taking chances.’


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This is not the first time Mamabolo has faced controversy. In 2020, he engaged in a verbal spat with Julius Malema in parliament, accusing Malema of being a wife beater during the 2020 state of the nation address (Sona) address. Malema denied the claims vehemently.

Despite their shared history in Seshego township and the Congress of SA Students, their political relationship had soured over the years. The Sona debate saw Mamabolo repeating the abuse allegations, prompting Malema to launch a R1m lawsuit. In response, Mamabolo went on to apologise for the claims and paid legal costs after Malema sued him. The ‘comrade’ in this current controversy, who is an unidentified woman-believed by some to be ANC’s Buhlebendalo-with a significant TikTok following, has not, quite unexpectedly, addressed the allegations on her page.

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