Percy Tucker Computicket

Computicket founder, Percy Tucker, passed away on Friday 29 January. Image: YouTube screengrab

‘Just the Ticket’: Tributes pour in for Computicket founder Percy Tucker

Founder of the world’s first computerized ticket system, Percy Tucker, passed away on Friday 29 January from COVID-19-related complications.

Percy Tucker Computicket

Computicket founder, Percy Tucker, passed away on Friday 29 January. Image: YouTube screengrab

The iconic founder of Computicket, Percy Tucker, has died at the age of 92, closing the curtain on his legacy that stretched over decades.

Eyewitness News reports that Tucker died from COVID-19 related complications on Friday 29 January.


Computicket, which Benoni-born Tucker founded in 1971, was heralded as the world’s first computerized ticketing system. The 92-year-old retired from his duties as Computicket chief executive officer in 1994 and went on to publish his biography titled, Just the Ticket.


Debra de Souza is among those who have been paying homage to Tucker’s legacy. De Souza thanked the Computicket founder for the shows, the performances and the events that featured on the platform. She further expressed her sincere condolences to Tucker’s loved ones in the same message.

“Rest in peace, Percy Tucker. The “Boykie” from Benoni. Sincerest sympathy to your family, friends and loved ones; Hazel, Sam, Tony Feldman and families; the entire theatre industry and all who had the privilege of knowing Uncle Percy”

Debtra de Souza


Tucker is quoted as saying that his father did not understand his vision for Computicket all those years ago and was displeased that his university graduate son wanted to be a ticket seller. Despite this protective pessimism, Tucker forged ahead to become a key figure in the South African entertainment and events industry.

“On this day, in 1954, I opened the first professional theatre office in South Africa called ‘Show Service’. This caused deep displeasure for my father who could not understand why his graduate son wanted to be a mere ‘ticket seller’. 50 years ago, again on August 16th, I opened the first computerized reservations system in the world, called ‘Computicket’.

“In 1994 on August 16th exactly 40 years later, I retired from being the Founder and CEO of Computicket. Did I have a vision. Yes, I did. I wanted to adapt science to the art of ticket selling. This boy from Benoni was tired of standing in queues. My dream was one stop showbiz shopping….and my dream came true. It is there for you to see.”

Percy Tucker

Goodnight, Percy Tucker.