SASSA older persons

SASSA is paying out older persons’ social grant on Tuesday, 5 September. Image via: Adobe Stock

Pensioners risk losing Compensation Fund benefits: Here’s the reason why

Compensation Fund pensioners are now required to submit certain documents. Failure to do so will result in their pension being terminated.

SASSA older persons

SASSA is paying out older persons’ social grant on Tuesday, 5 September. Image via: Adobe Stock

The Department of Employment and Labour announced on Tuesday 27 October that the Compensation Fund is in the process of validating pensioners through “data cleansing”. 

All pensioners are, therefore, required to submit certain documents. The department made clear that failure to do this will result in their pension being terminated. 


The department said that due to the scourge of COVID-19, all pensioners are required to submit the following documents to

  • Certified copy of identity document or passport; 
  • Certified copy of death certificate of the deceased employee for fatal pensions and marriage certificate for the surviving spouses; 
  • Certified copy of unabridged birth certificate for children under the age of 18 years; 
  • The identity details of the deceased employee must be visible on the unabridged birth certificate; 
  • Certified copy of birth certificate in the approved format for the non-South African citizen; 
  • Proof of schooling for children above the age of 18 years; 
  • Proof of active bank details; 
  • Proof of residence; and 
  • Contact details. 

“Failure to submit the above documents will result to pension being terminated,” the department said. 

For more information, one can call 0860-105-350.


If you haven’t yet applied for the Unemployment Insurance Fund’s (UIF) Ters benefit for July to September, you only have three days left. 

On Tuesday 20 October 2020, the UIF issued out a reminder saying; 

“COVID-19 Ters benefit applications for July to 15 September 2020 shall close 30 October 2020 and no further applications for that period shall be accepted beyond that date”. 

“The closing dates will not affect claims that have already been submitted,” it added.

In order to be considered for financial aid, one must prove that their normal monthly remuneration has been reduced or that no monthly income was received because they: 

  • Have not been able to work at all;
  • Have worked part-time or reduced hours; 
  • They have suffered a temporary salary reduction related to the operational requirements of the employer. 

Employers need to apply for the Ters on behalf of their employees via the Ters online portal. Here are the qualifying criteria; 

  • No other UIF claim has been made for the same period by the individual;
  • ID does not match existing records within the SASSA, DPSA, Prisoners databases;
  • Employment confirmation has been received;
  • Leave income does not match monthly income;
  • One’s ID is verified by Home Affairs.