Weed smoke

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Company smokes weed for team-building – Mzansi reacts with passion

A CEO inspired workers to smoke weed for team bonding. Mzansi reacted with comments like “My CV is ready” and “I’ll even work for free.”

Weed smoke

Image by Flickr

The CEO of the company, Rossie Mattio, said she would rather have workers smoke weed together for fun team-building than to see people come to work hungover from drinking alcohol.


As TheSouth African reported on Friday, the American PR company confirmed a team-building activity to smoke weed as colleagues. The company believes marijuana should no longer be taboo in workspaces.

In a video posted online, the footage begins in a small office room where a leader instructs others on how to grind weed and roll a joint (a cannabis cigarette). About eight co-workers sit around the table to create personal joints before smoking weed together outside.

South Africans soon reacted to the story with passionate support and humour.


The story drew a high volume of responses on our Facebook with many people showing hardly any opposition to the company’s avant-garde concept to team-building.

Some of the most hilarious comments included a reader that said: “I want to work here, I can even work for free.”

Here are the comments that caught the eye:

  • “My CV is ready.”
  • “I think this is fabulous! It’s about the sharing is caring culture of weed smokers. These people weren’t working, it was a team-building event, you want your employees to care about each other & weed is an awesome way to do it. Smoke together, laugh together, maybe get greenies together & laugh about that.”
  • “I think I’ve found my dream company.”
  • “Where do I attach my CV?”
  • “Good move. The company would achieve “high turnovers”. Now that is the power of “joint effort.”

Not everybody agreed with excitement though. Here are some replies that are against weed smoke at work or anywhere…

  • “I have yet to see my employees perform better under the influence of dagga. I have however seen them be less productive.”
  • “This is basically the same as drinking at work… not illegal but I wouldn’t invest.”
  • “Eishhh in South Africa the people hardly work without weed now they will do even less.”