Comair NUMSA

Following Comair’s suspension of operations, the Competition Commission met with other airlines. Photo: Alex Rankin / Flickr

Comair suspension: Competition Commission keeping an eye on prices

The Competition Commission says it met with other airlines who committed to not rising their prices now that Comair suspended operations.

Comair NUMSA

Following Comair’s suspension of operations, the Competition Commission met with other airlines. Photo: Alex Rankin / Flickr

The Competition Commission in South Africa shared that it is keeping a close eye on airline ticket prices following Comair’s suspension of operations. On Tuesday, Comair grounded Kulula and British Airways’ flights.

Competition Commission meets with other airlines

The commission said it is concerned about Comair’s decision impacting ticket prices. It shared that it met separately with the management of major airlines such as South African Airways, Airlink, FlySafair and Lyft. 

The aim is to understand how capacity could be brought to the market in order to mitigate the impact of Comair’s suspension decision.

“Specifically, the Commission sought to prevent any possible price gouging emanating from the supply shock,”

they said. 

Positive feedback was reportedly received

The Commission said they were pleased with the positive responses they received from the airlines they met with. The competition watchdog explained that the airlines acknowledge that more capacity in the market was needed and further promised to not change the prices of their flights to take advantage of the situation.

The Competition Commission further stated that all parties admitted that there are challenges being faced due to the rising fuel prices, reports Cape Town etc.

No clarity around the resumption of operations

There is currently no clarity regarding whether or not Comair will resume operations soon. Passengers are trying their best to get their tickets from the airline refunded as information remains scarce.

During the week, Comair suspended its British Airways and Kulula flights. It cited liquidity problems as the reason behind the suspension. CEO of Comair Glenn Orsmond said that, after the news was released, talks with investors started.

Orsmond said the talks underway are to find ways for investors to turn around the company’s situation. Since then, no other details regarding Comair’s flight suspension have been made public.

The Competition Commission says the airlines they met with have committed to not taking advantage of Comair’s suspension by raising their prices. Photo: Leah O’ Carroll / Flickr


Previously, it was reported that the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) met with the management team of airline operator Comair on Thursday, 2 June, after the company, which controls Kulula and British Airways flights in the country, put a halt on its operations this week.

NUMSA condemned the suspension and said it was left with more questions than answers after the meeting. The union represents 700 of Comair’s estimated 2000 employees. The airline operator’s CEO Glenn Orsmond was also present. Read the full story here.